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Every year in July, the crescendo of boastful taunts between Mongolian men only means one thing – Naadam Festival has arrived!  The national holiday not only commemorates the 1921 revolution & the Mongol state’s declaration of freedom, but it’s also a Herculean display of athleticism and traditional song and dance.

Celebrating Naadam Festival in Mongolia

Dubbed the “Three Games of Men”, celebrations and competitions were traditionally tests of a man’s skill, strength and daring.  Today, the games have evolved.  While man-to-man wrestling still remains just that, long-distance horse-racing and archery competitions are open to participants of all ages and for women as well.

Celebrating Naadam Festival in Mongolia

If you’d like to join in on these activities, we recommend traveling with WildChina partner Nomadic Expeditions.  You can spend the holiday with nomadic families from a small town away from the crowds in the capital and relax in the open plains surrounding the Three Camels Lodge.

Celebrating Naadam Festival in Mongolia


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