How Will You Measure Your Life? A Conversation with Mei Zhang, Steven Wang & Connie Zhang [in Mandarin] (Event #30)

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How Will You Measure Your Life? A Conversation with Mei Zhang, Steven Wang & Connie Zhang [in Mandarin] (Event #30)

How will you measure your life? This is the title of Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen’s groundbreaking book and a question that three Harvard alumni attempt to answer. Together, Mei Zhang (Harvard MBA 1996), founder of WildChina, Steven Wang Ye (Harvard MBA 1999), and Connie Zhang (Harvard MBA 2002) share their professional and personal experiences to offer advice to today’s aspiring youth.


Connie Zhang

Connie Zhang

Connie Zhang joined LG Group in South Korea straight after graduation and was promoted to director within a year. She went on to study for an MBA at Harvard Business School and became the vice president of Polaroid before going on to join US hedge fund SGS Ventures as the managing director.​ In 2009, Connie independently founded Ruili Creek Consulting Company and began to provide consulting services for overseas environmental technology companies to develop the Chinese market.​ Connie runs her own public account in China called Connie’s American Channel and is a columnist of LinkedIn Insights.

Steven Wang

Steven Wang

Steven Wang has over 20 years of management and investment experience. Prior to joining Liuhe Venture Capital, Mr. Wang served as the project manager and director of the German Siemens China Management Consulting Department, worked for Boston Consulting Group, and was part of IBM US Headquarters’ Strategy and Software department, responsible for market analysis, marketing and product development. Steven Wang has an MBA from Harvard University and Bachelor of Engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University. 


2020 Jul 16


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  • Timezone: Asia/Shanghai
  • Date: 2020 Jul 17
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  • Mei Zhang
    Mei Zhang
    Founder and CEO of WildChina

    Mei Zhang is the founder and CEO of WildChina. Under her leadership, WildChina flourished from a small Hutong operation into an award-winning business. Mei’s own expertise has led her to win a number of personal awards, including Travel and Leisure’s A-List of Top Travel Advisors, Condé Nast Traveler’s Top Travel Specialist, and Wendy Perrin’s #WOW List of Travel Experts. Mei is an Aspen Institute China Fellow and currently serves as a member of Harvard Business School’s Alumni Board.