Joe Zhao


Joe Zhao

Growing up in Heilongjiang Province, in the northeast part of China on the border with Russia, Joe moved to Beijing in 1999 to attend college.

He attended Beijing 2nd Foreign Affairs University, majoring in Tourism Management. He recalls being given his first guiding job in college, when he was told to lead a class of 2nd graders around for practice. After graduating in 2003, Joe became a full-time Beijing tour guide.

Though Joe admits when he first started he didn’t immediately take to his new job, some years of experience have changed his mind. “I’m more mature now, and I get so much satisfaction and pleasure out of introducing my country to foreigners,” Joe says. One of Joe’s funniest guiding experiences happened while leading a foreign couple around Beijing. “Where is the capital of China? Where is Peking,” they asked him.

In his spare time Joe has formed a Reggae band with some friends. Though they’ve so far only performed at colleges in Beijing, they have aspirations to perform at larger venues. Joe has lead foreigners from all over the world, and his English is great as a result. His easy going and affable personality make him a great Beijing guide.