Tour Reviews

T.M.17 May 2019

We had an absolutely terrific week in China! All of the hotels were terrific! We were so pleased with Stacy, Cheryl, and Alex as our tour guides – they were so knowledgeable about their cities, the culture and history of China and the specific sites we saw with them, and so proud of their heritage! We had a great family vacation because of your wonderful planning and recommendations.

A.17 May 2019

We had a good trip with NatHab and saw lots of pandas (none in the wild but they told us that would be exceedingly rare) but plenty of cute babies playing and we got to clean some panda enclosures and feed them some carrots. Also, saw the golden snub-nosed monkeys which were very entertaining and the beautiful golden pheasants and lots of Takin and other wildlife.

You and your staff did an excellent job in organizing our trip and we will definitely refer our friends and will contact you again when we return to China.

A & R17 May 2019

Wish there were more companies like you. The kind where you take the worry from us as advisors. We know our clients are in good hands. So happy you are part of Virtuoso so I was able to find you!

J.C.17 May 2019

This was a superb trip. We are experienced travelers, and were extremely impressed by how well thought out this itinerary was. Jerry Dong in Beijing, Jessica Zhu in Xi’an, and Ariel Wang in Shanghai were knowledgeable, enthusiastic, flexible, and people we wanted to spend time with.

Our guide Frank Shan in Yunnan was a treasure and so kind. He immersed us in the daily life of Dali and Shaxi. We were welcomed into homes, enjoyed tea and a number of meals with local Bai villagers, and experienced village life (while staying in lovely accommodations). It was hard to say goodbye to him – he touched our hearts. Mei Zhang, the founder of WildChina, is from this part of Yunnan Province, and we felt as if we had been welcomed into her home town.

The planning, the pacing, the guides, and the thoughtfulness of this trip surpassed any we have taken. We worked with Fann Fang, one of WhildChina’s travel designers. She took care of every single detail.

Cannot recommend WildChina enough – this trip in a complicated and beautiful country like China was a truly rich, meaningful and many layered experience. The best of what travel could be.

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C.19 April 2019

We just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed being driven around by Mr. Lin. He was such a good driver and we were constantly amazed how well he navigated Beijing’s crazy traffic!

Fred is a treasure! He is so knowledgable and flexible! He was a true lifesaver today as our granddaughter developed stomach trouble as we reached the train station and needed a toilet. He was so fast acting and used his own money to get us into the business lounge so she could get to the toilet as quickly as possible. He also went down to the track with us to make sure we got on the right train and right car and were able to get our luggage stored. We have large suitcases so was not very easy to find a place for them. He then contacted our guide in Xi’an to let him know we needed a porter to meet us at the train and help us with luggage. Everything went so smoothly.

L.W.28 March 2019

My family of four traveled to Siem Reap for two days of visiting temples and WildChina laid out an excellent itinerary for us, as well as picking the perfect guide to suit our family. Communication was superb from day one of planning right through to our arrival in Siem Reap, the itinerary was perfectly organized, the local transportation was spot on, as were the local restaurants for lunch each day. They went the extra mile for us in ensuring that these restaurants could suit a few dietary restrictions in the family, which added to the overall sense of comfort that everything was taken care of. We had a fantastic couple of days, and no way it would have been so without the WildChina team.

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P.J.18 January 2019

I contacted WildChina for a short extension to a business trip. My goal was to experience an intense but relaxing visit to two key cities, while learning as much about the people and culture as possible. I chose WildChina as I knew they are focused on authenticity and going beyond the traditional check list approach. Without a doubt I would recommend them to anyone wanting to experience the real China. I was on a private tour and my guides were exceptional.

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V.6 December 2018

We just returned from a 10-day trip to Beijing, Chengdu, and Shanghai with WildChina, and it was amazing. WildChina’s recommended accommodations were just what we were looking for to celebrate our 5th anniversary. What really set this trip apart from previous trips we have done were the guides – who were phenomenal…Also, Christine, who arranged the itinerary and fielded my many, many pre-trip emails, was beyond helpful and patient. In celebration of our 5th anniversary, Christine and WildChina arranged a champagne picnic for us on the Great Wall – it was incredible and a day we will never forget.

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M.29 November 2018

We traveled with WildChina from Jinghong to Shangri-La. In other words, we followed the ancient “Tea and Horse” road, which links up with the Silk Road in Tibet. The trip was pretty amazing. First, it was well organized, and our guide, Jeff Fuchs, was incredibly knowledgeable and funny. Our first Chinese guide, Michael, was also super-organized, and the second one quite helpful. We learned everything you can possibly want to know about the origins of tea and how it became as important as silk for commerce in China and Central Asia…Overall, a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!

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C.22 November 2018

My family (husband, 9month old baby, and in-laws) travelled to Guangxi for four days with WildChina. We were extremely pleased and impressed with the communication and organization of Agnes, who we communicated with over email. It did rain the four days we were in Guangxi – but honestly – I prefer the rain in low season to the inevitable crowds in high season. Getting around Guangxi with a baby wasn’t super easy, but we managed using both the stroller and the carrier. Agnes was careful to recommend hotels that catered to kids – and that helped a lot.

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