Beshan Gai: Our Favorite Chinese Artisans Gather at the Opposite House

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On Sept 19, in celebration of 15 years of China travel, WildChina is taking over the lobby of The Opposite House with a rustic Bazaar called 碧山街 Beshan Gai. We’ve invited artisans from all around China to set up stalls and showcase their crafts. Expect fabulous treasures like Kashgar Carpets, Jingdezhen ceramics, and Yunnan Coffee for sale, all set up in a beautiful a market-place setting designed by Pop-up Beijing.

beshan gai banner

The Concept

For 15 years, WildChina has been empowering travelers to discover the real China beyond the tourist bubble. The China that lives amid the aromatic sizzle of street-side-woks, in bustling city markets and far-flung villages. It has been an exciting – and at times humbling – journey, but always fulfilling when we see the joy on our customers’ faces and hear their words of gratitude for new treasured memories.

Umbrella Artisan

Hand-made paper umbrellas from Longling village

The Artists

We know that we’re not the stars of this show, however. China, its people and its stories are. In commemoration of our 15th anniversary, we want to put the spotlight on some of these very special people – the local artisans who have enriched our travels with the joy of serendipitous discovery and the flavors of local culture. Whose crafts provide precious mementos that remind us of the sights, smells and smiles encountered along the road.

We are passionate about showcasing China’s exquisite artisan cultures in each of our made-to-measure journeys. Beshan Gāi is a window into the joys of discovery our customers get as our knowledgable local guides give insider access to the special artisans that only locals know to find.


Chai Mi Duo organic fam on the shores of Dali lake in Yunnan province.

The Name

‘Beshan’ 碧山 is WildChina’s Chinese name.  ‘Gāi’ 街 is the word for ‘market’ in founder Zhang Mei’s native Yunnanese dialect. ‘Beshan Gāi’ means ‘WildChina Market’ – a special place where we open the doors for a taste of WildChina’s exquisite curated experiences across China, right in the heart of Beijing.