Bendi Stories

Beyond the glitz of towering skyscrapers and bustling streets, beyond the allure of traditional Chinese architecture and breathtaking landscapes, lies a rich fabric of human narratives. Bendi 本地, meaning “local” in Chinese, inspired the creation of Bendi Stories. This WildChina video series explores the soul of China through the lens of its people, their untold stories, aspirations, challenges, and everyday lives, offering a glimpse into the authentic human experiences that define our China, the real China.

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Bendi Stories: Artistry of Tea in Songyang  

Steep deep into the traditional tea culture in Songyang, Zhejiang through the story of local tea –master, Qing Yong in our new episode of Bendi Stories.
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Bendi Stories: Lunar New Year in Yangjiatang Village, Zhejiang

We visited the charming village of Yangjiatang in eastern China’s Zhejiang province to discover how the local community there celebrates the Lunar New Year.
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