Mei Named in Wendy Perrin’s WOW List of Travel Experts 2016

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Former Conde Nast editor Wendy Perrin has once again named WildChina Founder & CEO Mei Zhang in her WOW List of Trusted Travel Experts. Here is why we’re so excited about this.  

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What it means to be on the WOW List

If you’re looking for unparalleled access and the most memorable local China experiences, then Wendy Perrin, one of the word’s leading travel experts, is going to send you straight to WildChina.

Though we get various awards throughout the year, this is one that is an extra special honor to receive. Former Conde Nast editor Wendy Perrin hand picks her handful of advisors from around the world because they exemplify the kind of insider connections, VIP access, and itinerary-crafting prowess that turns a tour into a trip of a life time. Congratulations Mei for your spot among the world’s top travel advisors.

Thank you, Wendy! And thank you to all of our amazing clients who always push us to be more adventurous, and share in our joys of China and Beyond.

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China Travel Guide: Cities & Villages

Cheap thrills

An afternoon at the Aman Summer Palace Resort. It’s connected to the Summer Palace and beautifully designed in traditional Chinese courtyard style. Rooms run from $500 to $800 a night, but for the price of an afternoon tea you can stroll the exquisite and tranquil traditional grounds and enjoy the height of Beijing elegance. 


 Mei Named in Wendy Perrin's WOW List of Travel Experts 2016

Li-An Lodge in  Longsheng, Guangxi Province, China. Coutesy of

Beijing Travel Guide 

Bragging rights

Have a corner of the Forbidden City’s eastern garden all to yourself while sipping a glass of Champagne and nibbling some grapes in a lovely pavilion. You’ll feel like one of the emperor’s esteemed guests and enjoy a respite from the crowds and walking. This section of the Forbidden City is rarely visited by other tourists. Most people don’t even know it’s there.



Photo by William Lindesay

Yunnan Province Travel Guide

Must-have dishes

Niugan mushrooms fried with dried chili. Locals have been harvesting this wild mushroom from the mountainsides for centuries. The flavor is strong, like truffles, and the chili makes it unmistakably Yunnan style.



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