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WildChina Founder & CEO, Mei Zhang shared her insights on experiential travel last week on CNN Business Traveler. Check out some highlights from the show.

WildChina has known for more than 15 years that travelers don’t just want to get off the bus, snap a photo and hurry on to the next famous site. Today’s sophisticated travelers want to follow an expert into the Yunnan wilderness and hear about how the changing environment is affecting the region’s bird populations, then head to the home of a local Auntie and have a meal made from the fresh ingredients in her garden.

The growing interest in slowing down and connecting to a place’s people and culture through unique local experiences is also in its early stages of interest among Chinese travelers. Mei will discuss how her new venture,, an experiential travel platform, is connecting Chinese travelers to enriching local experiences the same as WildChina.

Here are some highlights from the show. Visit CNN Business Traveller to see more.

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