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Beshan Gai 2016 is proud to support Roundabout China, a social enterprise that constantly inspires us with efforts that reach all corners of The Middle Kingdom.

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Entirely run by volunteers, Roundabout connect those who wish to offer support to people in need. They help channel charitable donations and volunteer efforts to worthy causes all across China and offer assistance by directly passing on donated items to one of the 48 charities in Beijing (and many more throughout China) that are registered with them.

Roundabout also have a retail store in Beijing where they sell donated items. The finds raised here assist medical costs for orphans and items needed for the elderly, including blankets, food & clothing.

Roundabout bedding

Roundabout’s passion for supporting local people is a philosophy we embrace with Beshan Gāi. This year’s event will see over 60 artisans from Xinjiang to Yunnan converge on 2 of Beijing’s luxury hotels where they will have the opportunity to showcase their skills and exhibit their work to the public. We were even surer that Roundabout was the right fit as our charity partner when we discovered that a few years ago the charity gave one of this year’s Beshan Gāi artisans their first micro-loan!​

Roundabout Book Fair

Come and say hi to Roundabout at Beshan Gai 2016 and clear out your closets because they will be running a clothing drive across all of the events in the series. You will find one of Roundabout’s purple Beshan Gai 2016 - A Celebration of Artisan Chinacollection boxes at our foodie’s version of Beshan Gai @Rosewood Beijing on September 23rd and then again at Beshan Gai @The Opposite House on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th.