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In celebration of Beijing Design Week (and just in time for Beshan Gāi too) The Opposite House, Beijing will be collaborating with acclaimed Australian artist Lisa Roet on a jaw-dropping art installation.

Golden Monkey_small

From 22 September to 30 October, a giant (14 meters tall!) inflatable golden snub-nosed monkey will be displayed on the hotel’s iconic facade. Elevated 30 meters off the ground, the sculpture will hang from the front of The Opposite House as though it is climbing the building and looking down on passers-by. The sculpture is styled after the golden sneezing snub-nosed monkey, a rare species native to the forest region along the China-Myanmar border and the artwork will carry a global message as well as a cultural one.

golden snub-nosed monkey

The golden sneezing snub-nosed monkey is now critically endangered due to hunting, heavy logging and dwindling habitats. The fragility of the inflatable sculpture will represent the vulnerability of this treasured mascot, while the urban surroundings of Sanlitun will draw a strong contrast to the monkey’s woodland habitat in Yunnan, expressing its displacement from its natural home.

golden monkey on tree - Matthew Hu 2004-7 (2)

Roet’s work will be featured both outside and inside The Opposite House, which since opening in 2008, has gained a reputation as a strong supporter of the local and international art scene. A collection of Roet’s avant-garde jewelry will also be on display in the hotel foyer. Fashioned after primate features, each exquisitely detailed piece matches with the wearer’s human features to create a visual expression of the close connection between humans and apes.

The weekend of Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of September will see artisans from all over China converge on ThBeshan Gai 2016 - A Celebration of Artisan Chinae Opposite House for our Beshan Gāi artisan bazaar. Over 60 carefully selected artisans, from Xinjiang to Yunnan, will bring hand-crafted treasures from all corner of the Middle Kingdom that will be exhibited and sold at the up-market event.

From homewares, fashion, local foods and Yunnan ethnic minority entertainment, Beshan Gāi @The Opposite House will be a curated feast for the senses.  Workshops throughout the event series will transport you into the studios of China’s artisans and there will be activities for the whole family to enjoy.