Adopt an Elephant for a Day in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Many dream of riding an elephant through a jungle in Southeast Asia. The strength and beauty of these animals is a sight to behold. We’ve partnered with the best elephant farm to create this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Fortunately, if you care about the welfare of elephants, it’s still possible to go elephant riding in Thailand – you just have to be discerning. Wild elephants in Thailand are now an endangered species, and those held in captivity for the entertainment of tourists are often cruelly mistreated. Patara Elephant Farm makes it their mission to reverse the negative impact of elephant entertainment and allow visitors to become custodians of these unique animals.


The Patara Elephant Farm is Thailand’s only elephant breeding centre. Their focus is on educating the public about animal welfare, whilst providing visitors with an unforgettable experience that you can feel good about.


Learn to Care for Your Own Elephant in Chiang Mai

Based in Chiang Mai, the motto of the Patara Elephant Farm is ‘extinction is forever.’ Since 2001 they have bred and rescued dozens of elephants, and at any one time they have around 55 elephants in their care. Their goal is for visitors to not only enjoy the elephants as a spectacle but also learn about and understand them. The elephants are well treated, and never made to stand on their hind legs or perform other grotesque circus tricks.


Instead of exploiting these magnificent creatures, you’ll learn to care for them by adopting your own elephant for a day. You’ll learn how to understand your elephant by reading its mood, how to feed and bathe it, and even how to see if your elephant is pregnant! Instead of riding your elephant by sitting on its back – which can damage the spine – you’ll be taught how to safely mount and ride your elephant bareback by sitting on its neck. Don’t worry, this is much more comfortable for both you and your pachyderm steed!


There’s Nothing Quite Like Riding an Elephant Through a Thai Forest

Alongside your friends or in a small group, you’ll journey with your elephant into the jungles around Chiang Mai, past crashing waterfalls and beautiful Buddhist temples. Winding through the trees you’ll hear nothing but the burbling of the river and the gentle breathing of your elephant as it ambles lazily along.  

After splashing across a river on your 2.5 meter high elephant, you’ll be able to rest and soak in the scenery with a delicious picnic of traditional Thai food. If you’re traveling with a lover why not ride back together on the same elephant, and share a romantic open air journey.

At the end of the day, after you’ve been returned to your Chiang Mai hotel, you will have seen some beautiful sites, learned more about elephants than you thought you’d ever know, and maybe even made a brand new, big-eared friend. Instead of yet another tourist who is willing to look the other way while elephants are mistreated, you’ll be part of the solution, helping to rescue these beautiful, ancient creatures from extinction.

Ready to embark on a day out with your friendly elephant pal? Join us on our Chiang Mai: Roaming with Elephants tour and get started on your way to exotic fun!