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The Middle Kingdom makes the perfect destination for adventurous newlyweds. Not your typical honeymoon destination, this mythical and mysterious land provides a romantic backdrop for a sumptuous getaway. These are our top six most romantic places in China for a WILD honeymoon.

Paris, Venice, the Maldives and Hawaii…all romantic destinations that the world has come to love, but what about China? For those who want a truly unique and life-changing experience, the Middle Kingdom provides idyllic scenery for starry-eyed couples and newlyweds.

Hangzhou Waterway

We’ve found six wild honeymoon destinations that may make having eyes only for your special someone, very difficult.

Fujian – the Southern Gem

Why spend the night in an ordinary hotel room when you can spend it in a one-of-a-kind dwelling fit for such an adventurous couple? In the lush, idyllic landscape of Fujian, the Hakka people have built complexes full of extraordinary circular homes.

Six Romantic Places in China for a Honeymoon - WildChina Style

Known as tulou, even UNESCO has recognized these homes as part of China’s living cultural heritage. Up to 80 families can fit into these mighty fortifications of earth and stone and they’ll love the company of your little family.

Close by, the city of Xiamen is known as one of the loveliest coastal cities in China for its perfect weather and nearby beaches. Gulangyu Island is also a mere hop, skip, and jump away where you can enjoy tropical good vibes.

Ready for a warm and wild honeymoon? Get to know this southern gem on our Fujian: Hakka Homes tour.

Gansu – Off the Beaten Track

The Potala Palace, Lhasa and Mount Everest all come to mind when we think of Tibetan Plateau, but what about its lesser-explored fringes? Take your love to new heights on the same plateau, but on a road less travelled through Qinghai and Gansu provinces.

Golden gilded temples, crimson-robed monks and intricate Thangka artworks await you at Kumbum and Labrang monasteries – some of the plateau’s holiest, and most intoxicating temples.

tibet - norden camp - taken from Wild China blog

The emerald green plateau landscapes in the Gyenjia grasslands are accompanied by only the whisper of the wind and clink of Yaks’ bells, creating an unmatched symphony of solitude.

The so-called “roof of the world” is great for stargazing and cuddling up together in your love nest. Forget the rest of the world – trust us, you won’t have trouble here.

Want to watch the stars with your beau on the Tibetan plateau? Consider booking a Tibetan Camping Retreat.

Mekong Delta – Meandering magic

You and your special somebody can admire the rich tapestry of nature and humanity adorning the banks of the meandering Mekong River, Asia’s seventh-longest, which makes the ideal honeymoon getaway for adventurous types.

Quiet canals and alleys weave through southern China’s iconic towns of Dali and Lijiang. They are nothing less than a living museum, surrounded by knockout mountain scenery.


Source: Muang La Resort

Across the border into Laos, remote minority villages are inhabited by the Khmu, Akha and Hmong peoples. Here you can get off-the-beaten path and observe centuries old cultures. A nice complement to the minority villages is one of Laos’s most well-preserved cities is Luang Prabang, home to golden temples and French colonial mansions, encircled by lush green mountains: the perfect setting for a spiritual connection with your beau.

Back out on the banks of the mighty Mekong River, flanked by tropical forests, you’ll find a great vantage point to cuddle with your new spouse and watch the sunset.

It’s easy to enjoy the romance of the Mekong on our Yunnan & Laos: Jewels of the Mighty Mekong tour.

Li River lovers

A great place to fall in love with the nature – and your partner – Guilin’s postcard-perfect scenery is regarded by the Chinese as “the finest under heaven” and rivals that of even the Great Wall or Terracotta Army.

For adventurous lovers, you can sail a bamboo raft down the Li River between Guilin and Yangshuo. The untouched, bucolic surroundings in Xingping exude romance that is complemented by watching locals fish at dusk with the help of cormorant birds.

Li River

The glistening Dragon’s Back rice terraces are a manmade marvel seemingly rippling down from the heavens and make for a one-of-a-kind hiking experience. The region’s dreamy, jade green peaks are perfect for leisurely walks and bike rides, and you can keep things hot with a cooking lesson from locals, serving up the region’s hot and zesty dishes.

The mesmerizing “Impressions Liusanjie” on the Li River is an absolutely enchanting fairytale production with a six-hundred strong cast, from the mastermind behind the Beijing 2008 Olympics opening ceremony.

Our tour Old Country Living is a National Geographic Tour of a lifetime and is a perfect start to your lifetime of love with your soulmate.

Yangtze River Delta – Heaven on Earth

Regarded by many as “heaven on earth”, Hangzhou and Suzhou are two gorgeous water towns that won over the hearts of emperors, painters and poets, together with Marco Polo himself.

Make your partner swoon as you glide across the calm waters of Hangzhou’s West Lake, a stunning archetype of classical Chinese beauty.

hangzhou - west lake - taken from Wild China blog

Don’t miss the delicate gardens and attractive canals of Suzhou which create a nostalgic ambiance that’s earned it the title “Venice of the east”. For a honeymoon soaking up the splendor of both yesteryear and today, spend a magical honeymoon in the Yangtze River delta.

You can find that heaven is a place on earth on our Hangzhou & Suzhou: Heaven on Earth tour.

Shanghai – Colonial Romance

Shanghai may not appear at first glance as a destination for romance, but its streets exude a cosmopolitan luxury and glamour not found anywhere else in China.

The elegant tree-lined streets of the old French Concession are reminiscent of 1930s Shanghai, an era of opulence, elegance and infamy. The area evokes Paris as its cobblestone streets are lined with chic cafes and sumptuous speakeasies.

One of the perks of traveling with WildChina is an unforgettable tour of the French Concession, but buckle up, this tour is in a sidecar!


Source: Shanghai Insiders

To top off the elegance of your visit to Shanghai, we’d recommend staying in the Peninsula Shanghai which overlooks the Bund and is a stalwart of colonial romance. Tuck in for the night amidst the grandeur of a bygone era and rest assured you’re creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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