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Famously known as ‘the happiest place on Earth,’ the tiny landlocked nation of Bhutan is a paradise of snowy mountains and glimmering Buddhist temples. Our on-the-ground research will let you know when’s the best time to travel to Bhutan and how to make the most of your trip.

Whether seeking out adventure and extreme sports or alternatively looking for attentiveness at extremely soothing spas, Bhutan is unique in its ability to cater to every itinerary. A nation known for it’s title as ‘the happiest place on earth’, your interests and travel-style will determine the best time of year to visit. We’ve created a guide to help you plan your trip.

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SPRING (March –May)

Relaxation and Rejuvenation must be matched with Spring. Bhutan is extremely well equipped in these months to provide a calming and serene setting for the perfect relaxing retreat.

Punakha DzongPhoto by Jean-Marie Hullot via Flickr

In spring, be sure to make your first stop the Amankora Punakha. Located near to the peaceful Punakha Dzong (pictured above), relaxation and meditation are interwoven into the fabric of this retreat.

Head down to the famed Punakha Dzong on the riverside to wander through the blossoming lilac trees and experience the ultimate luxury of the coronation location of every King of Bhutan.

SUMMER (June – August)

If it’s a taste of all things Bhutanese you’re after, summer is the best time to travel. When the rice fields are green and lush and many towns and villages are preparing for festivals and celebrations, you will find the peak time to immerse yourself in Bhutanese culture and cuisine.

Embark on our Land of the Thunder Dragon journey in summer and breathe in the succulently green pastures of Punakha Valley. You will also discover the deep culture and heritage of Bhutan at the National Museum.

National Museum Paro Bhutan

Photo by Neil Satyam via Wikimedia Commons

Summer is ‘monsoon’ season in Bhutan, so, although temperatures will be high, be sure to pack rain gear; don’t panic, extreme weather is not often the case and ‘monsoons’ are usually exchanged for light rains.

Low season means less tourists traveling alongside you and this can often allow for more natural interactions. You’re better able to interact with Bhutan, it’s people, history and culture through genuine connections.

FALL / AUTUMN (September – November)

Fall is peak season in Bhutan for good reason. Temperatures are moderate, rain is infrequent and there are festivals and activities galore.

The Thimphu Tsechu festival takes place from late September to early October (beginning on the 10th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar); commenced in 1867, it’s one of Bhutan’s most well-known and best attended festival. It’s also been said that this is the best time to see the king as he often makes an appearance.

bhutan-dance-banner (1)

Source: WildChina

Thousands of people swarm the capital city and in the days before the festival, people get together for prayer and invoking of the gods. The festival is an expression of colour, dance, food and ultimately a celebration and occasion for happiness. You can learn more about why Bhutan is claimed as the happiest place on earth here.

WINTER (December – February)

With cooler temperatures and considered a low season, winter is the perfect time to embark on an adventure in Bhutan. You’ll be able to access the heights of the Himalayas without paying additional high-season tariffs and winter is the best time to travel in Bhutan for bird watching. During the cooler season, a flock of over 300 of the regal and endangered black-necked cranes flock to the Gangtey Valley.

Tigers Nest

Photo by Aditya Karnad via Flickr

Our Kingdom in the Clouds journey offers a perfect trip for the winter explorer. Discover the birthplace of the Bhutanese penchant for phallic symbols as well as traversing waterfalls and cliff-side monasteries to reach the Tiger’s Nest.

We have a number of tours taking you to the heartland of happiness in Bhutan. You can even customize your own if you don’t see what you exactly want. Check out Land of the Thunder Dragon, Kingdom in the Clouds, Druk Path – Following the Black Regent, or Bhutan at the Aman tour. We also have a small-group tour Bhutan: Hiking the Valley of Mystery where you can travel with likeminded adventurers.