We’re the Travel Partner for Gallery Weekend Beijing 2017

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Galleries across Beijing, from 798 to Caochangdi, will open their doors to collectors and patrons from around the world for the inaugural Gallery Weekend Beijing.

We're the Travel Partner for Gallery Weekend Beijing 2017

Kristof Yvore

To celebrate the launch of our Beijing Contemporary Art Tour and our new Contemporary Art Expert Wai Wai, we’ve joined hands with the Gallery Weekend Beijing to support their lively showcase of the art scene in Beijing. A group of the fourteen best galleries and four of the top museums Beijing has to offer will be participating in the event that will take place during the weekend of March 17 – 19th, 2017.

Conveniently timed just before Art Basel Hong Kong, the Gallery Weekend Beijing provides a first class opportunity to experience the excitingly diversifying art world in Beijing. The capital is the breeding grounds for the largest art community in China and is a major place for artistic production.

Karen Smith (curator) says: “Beijing is home to an exciting new generation of artists that are just beginning to enter the international stage. Forget what you think you know about Beijing! It is absolutely the right time to go and explore this new art scene.”

We're the Travel Partner for Gallery Weekend Beijing 2017

Qiu Anxiong

Gallery Weekend Beijing provides a spotlight onto the exciting work by Beijing based artists through the lens of the exhibitions of the participating galleries. In a city that is in a constant state of change, artists are busy developing their own vision of what it means to be contemporary. They are testing their own limits and pushing the boundaries of art.


To kick things off, March 17th is Collector’s Day where galleries will open to the distinguished guests of Gallery Weekend Beijing. In the more relaxed atmosphere of the gallery space, collectors can explore and experience art in more rewarding ways than at art fairs.

We're the Travel Partner for Gallery Weekend Beijing 2017

Zhuang Hui

March 18th is gallery day where galleries will open to the general public. Art lovers can connect with the artist and discuss his or her art works in the space of a gallery. The environment is ripe for in-depth conversations about the artists. Galleries such as White Space, Hive Center for Contemporary Art, and Galleria Continua will be in on the action among a little over a dozen others.

But Gallery Weekend Beijing extends past the gallery walls and into museums too.

The world-renowned UCCA Museum will be taking part, among others, on March 19th which is Museum Day. A select group of Beijing museums have invited the guests of Gallery Weekend Beijing to tour their exhibitions and collections.

To learn more about the participating galleries visit the Gallery Weekend Beijing website or consider taking our Beijing Contemporary Art Tour. Our contemporary art expert will lead you on a controlled freefall into the world of modern art as you explore the galleries lining the streets of Beijing’s art districts. You’ll even have the opportunity to take home a bit of Beijing art history.