Where to Stay in China for a Soulful Getaway

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Urban life can wear down your body and tire your senses. Sometimes you need an opportunity to cleanse your mind, body, and soul. 
At these three great getaway locations you can escape from the chaos of everyday life and put your physical and emotional relaxation first (dining on deliciously prepared organic food, hiking in the great outdoors and creating a deep connection with local life is also guaranteed.)

Six Senses Chengdu

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China’s Six Senses resort is nestled under the green shadows of Mount Qingcheng, one of a handful of sacred mountains linked to the origins of Chinese Taoism. The hotel’s authentic blend of modern and oriental architecture reflects the harmony of qing cheng tian xia you, a popular folk name for the region meaning “the most peaceful place under heaven.”
Just beyond the resort lies the meditating silence of mist-woven conifer and evergreen forests, only broken by the splash of crystal streams cascading down the mountain and a flash of a tragopan’s crimson plumage along the path. Six Senses’ neighboring verdant forest also holds another deep, elusive secret:  the Giant Panda.
Eat Well
You’re allowed to pick your own organically grown local vegetables from the Six Senses chef’s garden. You can even go one step further to create your own meal as you learn how to cook in traditional Sichuan mala style from local cooks.
Moment to Savor
After a relaxing day at the spa being rejuvenated by traditional Chinese ba guan orgua sha therapy styles, go on a night photography expedition in the nearby UNESCO World Heritage site, Dujiangyan town. Atop the ancient city wall, there is a fantastic vantage point over the softly lit town and river, home to one of the world’s earliest and still used irrigation systems.

You can enjoy a luxurious stay at Six Senses on our Chengdu: Panda Country tour. You will also get a chance to snuggle up to China’s adored giant panda in a natural setting, try your hand at mahjong in a local teahouse and discover why the rest of China thinks Sichuan’s famously spicy cuisine is what makes the region’s women so beautiful.

Songstam Lodges

Meili-songstam(1) res
Five Tibetan style lodges tucked in the fabled Shangri-la region of Western China boast some of the most impressive views and up-close experiences the country has to offer. Between Yunnan Province’s highest mountains, largest monasteries, and deepest valleys, the Songstam Lodges have space for the mountaineer, wine connoisseur, spiritual seeker, and all like-minded travelers who seek to uncover Shangri-la’s wildest treasures.
Tacheng-songtsam(1) res
Eat Well

At Songtsam Tacheng, the chef serves up a delicious Tibetan style meal of Yunnan wild salmon, Benzlian’s famous pork,and a taste of wild honey alongside the veggies picked from the garden that afternoon.

Moment to Savor
As the sun rises over Songtsam Meili, guests practice yoga on a terrace facing Yunnan’s most famous and holy mountain. The mighty face of Kawagarbo, Meili mountain’s highest peak, lights up first and heralds the dawn. Enjoy a relaxing stay at the Songtsam Retreats on our Songtsam Circuit journey.

Norden Camp

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Camp out under the stars at Norden Camp on our Tibetan Camping Retreat. We’ll also help you to explore the region’s vast Tibetan grasslands, take you on a kora around Xiahe’s awe-inspiring Labrang Monastery and introduce to local nomadic families who will welcome you into their camp.

Ready for your soulful getaway? All of our journeys can be customized to fit your specific needs. Connect with one of our experienced travel designers today and start planning your trip.