Top 5 Last-Minute Summer Trips for Kids and Families

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As the last days of the school year wind down, you’re probably realizing that it’s high time to lock down your kids’ summer plans. You might think it’s a little late in the game to book an amazing experience for your family but we have some great news, it’s not!

We’ve gone ahead and taken the liberty of compiling the perfect summer trips for kids. Some of these suggestions are fun for the whole family, but if you’re looking for your child to practice independence and leadership, we’ve saved our number one spot for something special that will prepare them for the future, in college and beyond.

These summer programs are guaranteed to be an awesome win-win for you and the kiddos—offering tons of fun for them, as well as tons of activities centered around learning, cultivating cultural awareness, and, as always, a commitment to responsible and sustainable globe-trotting.

Check out these options to find the best fit:

5. Tibetan Camping Retreat

Norden camp

Everyone loves the great outdoors. Some of us love the hands-on nature of camping, while others enjoy being taken care of with a bit more pampering. Our Tibetan Camping Retreat is the best of both worlds and just because it’s a family vacation doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in luxurious experiences. Coupled with fresh, locally sourced cuisine, there’s a wide range of outdoors activities that kids love from stargazing to horseback riding to hiking the wide, open terrain of the Tibetan plateau in Gansu. With some of the comforts of home, this 4-day trip to Gansu, completely run by local nomads, might be ideal for your family’s vacation.

4. The Yellow Mountain (Huangshan)

HuangShan China

When you close your eyes and imagine a classically gorgeous Chinese landscape, you might be picturing something very close to the Huangshan Mountain range in Anhui Province.  Rocky cliffs floating amid a sea of clouds characterize this pristine UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the perfect place to take some family photos that you can show off on that Christmas card.

Swinging through the trees in Huangshan is an animal that all kids love: monkeys! and in Huangshan Monkey Valley, you can even spot rare Tibetan macaques. Huangshan is also home to perfectly preserved ancient villages. On a WildChina bike tour, you’ll be led around the towns by an expert local guide who’ll give a great history lesson for all ages. 

If you’re looking for some stunningly beautiful sites, this is the spot. To learn more about Huangshan, read our blog post about how to make the most of a trip there.

3. The Songtsam Circuit


Meili-songstam(1) res

Without a doubt, one of the most compelling and coveted areas of travel in China is the Tibetan Plateau, infamous for the gorgeous scenery, unique and welcoming culture, and the diversity of its wildlife.  We’ve compiled the best of the best this region has to offer in our Songtsam Circuit journey.

This is the perfect journey to enjoy fun, family-friendly activities and to unwind after the busy school year. You’ll spend your days exploring the plateau and your nights in the Songtsam Lodges, luxury retreats that focus on mind-body wellness. On this 8-day trip, you and your child can take yoga or painting classes, learn about endangered local animals at a wildlife refuge, and share meals with local families.

2. Beijing’s Past and Future


No trip to China is complete without spending time in this capital city that is simply teeming with life.  There’s a never-ending amount to discover in Beijing, but this trip prioritizes all the must-see historical and cultural gems—like the Forbidden City and the Great Wall—while also offering a totally unique twist. Imagine having a family brunch on the Great Wall (there’ll be champagne for the adults) or enjoying exclusive access to areas of the Forbidden City. Other educational activities include tons of fun like BBQs, treasure hunts, dumpling-making lessons, and bargaining contests in local markets.

On this journey, there is never a dull moment for the child that loves adventure. Get to know what Beijing’s Past and Future can offer you.

1. WildChina Summer Camp 2017

 i-d5FcfFm-X3 (1)

We saved the best for last: WildChina’s first summer camp.  This summer camp begins July 25th and runs through August 8th. On this trip, your child will have the FULL China Experience.

We designed this camp especially to provide a balanced, full-range experience of Chinese culture, with an emphasis on giving-back to local communities.  There’s plenty of rural and urban experiences, chock full of engaging activities aimed to increase your child’s appreciation of cultural diversity.

The tour begins in Beijing— a thrilling introduction to the best the city has to offer.  Students then move on to Xian, home of the world-renown terracotta warriors. This is followed by a trip to Guizhou, hiking into the rural village of Wuyao to begin their third community service project, and on to Yangshuo to complete their final project.  In the midst of this flurry of service work, they’ll also have the chance to participate in cooking competitions, visit museums, and try a tasty range of local cuisines. 

Students round out the trip in the striking modern city of Shanghai before heading home with a true and lasting sense of accomplishment. For a chance to learn the value of service, connect with other cultures, and have a blast, click here for more details.

China is a great destination for families of all ages and sizes. And what’s more, we can completely customize any of our itineraries to work for you and your children. Talk to one of our travel designers today.