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With our female founder and CEO Mei Zhang leading the way as a pioneer in the travel industry, our Beijing office is full of passionate and inspiring women. As part of our Women’s History Month celebrations, we’ve put the spotlight on our leading ladies in WildChina Education. Read on to get to know them, their role, and what they love most about being part of the WildChina team.


Doria Yang:

I’m an operator and a trip designer in the WildChina Education team. I’m from Northeast China’s Jilin Province, and I worked as a high school teacher before catching the travel bug and moving to Sydney, Australia. Three years later, I returned to China where I joined WildChina to pursue my combined passion for travel and education. My favorite destination in China is Hangzhou because I love West Lake. One of my favorite parts of working for WildChina Education is collaborating with my colleagues in the office for sure! I also enjoy problem-solving the challenges that may come up and making sure every trip is successful. 


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Cindy Sun: 

I am the Senior Program Manager for WildChina Education. I’m also a native Beijinger! I’m in charge of all of the trip design and proposals. I’m the lead in operating key clients’ trips. I’m also responsible for following up with clients and coordinating everything while clients are on their trip. Along with these tasks, I supervise junior staff as well.

What I love most about working with WildChina Education is how creative we can be in designing and executing our trips. I love getting to dig out all the possible activities our students can do at each destination. In particular, I get a lot out of doing meaningful volunteering in underdeveloped villages and rural areas.  Most of our clients are students, and while working with them, their energy is contagious. I always feel successful when we complete a trip for a big group.



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Yunya Wang:

I am the operator for the WildChina Education team, and go on trips from time to time to make sure they are up to WildChina Education’s high standards. I also organize our yearly Teacher’s Day gifts and Christmas gifts for our clients. I’m a native southerner from Wuxi, and I came to WildChina in 2014 having found an enthusiasm for travel while studying in Forestry at University. 

I love working at WildChina Education because we have great teamwork. I have learned a lot from my team members and the work itself.



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Jasmine Zhai:

I’m the team manager of WildChina Education. I assist and coordinate team members’ daily pre-trip operations and assist during the trip as well. I make sure all of our trips are of exceptional quality and that students have an educational and eye-opening experience.

What I love about WildChina is our great teamwork. I get to be creative and be part of designing interesting and life-changing experiences for students. I feel like children are the future of our world, and travel helps them know themselves better. Our well-designed trips play a positive role in their future life so it’s meaningful work for me to do.

Thanks to our WildChina Education team’s wonderful women for the hard work you do each and every day. If you’re interested in designing a trip that will be sure to widen the horizons of your students, get in touch with us today. Every educational program we design is customized to fit your curriculum, budget and timeframe. Follow one of the related trip links below to get an idea of the type of trip we could create for you.