3 Remote Getaways in China to Escape the Hustle and Bustle

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So, you’re planning a vacation and want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. We have great news – China has the appeal of being so huge that, once you get off the beaten path, you can easily forget the rest of the world exists.

Here are three of our top picks for remote getaways in China you should consider venturing off to:

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Abujee (Yunnan)

First stop, southwest China’s Yunnan province, and an area that is considered sacred to Tibetan Buddhists. In “Abujee”, you can climb majestic mountains and gain a new perspective on life when you share meals with Tibetan and Yi herders under star-soaked skies.

On a 12-day hiking trip in Abujee with WildChina, you’ll ascend to over 4,300 meters before taking a dip in an alpine lake and then slowly (and reluctantly) making your way back down to earth.


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Northern Xinjiang

Xinjiang certainly has its own unique look, feel, and style that sets it apart from the other regions in China. If you want to go to one of the most remote places in the Middle Kingdom, northern Xinjiang presents an even more exotic experience than the typical Xinjiang route.

In Northern Xinjiang, which is closer to Kazakhstan and Russia than Beijing, you might even forget you’re in China. The vast Kanas Lake is like a slice of heaven here on Earth, and its off-the-beaten path location will give you a true respite from the city. When you travel with WildChina, we’ll arrange for you to spend time with a local nomadic Tuvan family and learn about their culture. These nomadic people really know how to live alongside nature, and you may just be inspired by their lifestyle.


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Hoh Xil (Qinghai)

In July 2017, Hoh Xil was listed among World Heritage Sites as the largest and highest plateau in the world. Here you can find snow-capped peaks and the rare Tibetan antelope scurrying across the landscape. WildChina is among the first tour companies in China to help travelers venture into this restricted land. It’s truly the opposite of the rat race.

From the pictures, you might think that jaw-dropping landscapes are all there is to see in these locations. Not true. These areas, in general, have plenty of cultural activities and delicious food, in addition to the beautiful scenery. Get in touch with one of our Trip Designers today and they’ll take the stress out of planning your perfect trip.