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For our twelfth episode, we head to Inner Mongolia with WildChina’s own, Susan Li. Inner Mongolia is a long province stretching along China’s northern border. It’s home to vast swathes of grasslands and deserts, and now, cities as well.

On China’s northern edge there is a province that combines the wonder of the desert and the beauty of the grasslands for an experience that will take your breath away; this province is called Inner Mongolia. Similar to the legendary landscape of neighboring Mongolia, Inner Mongolia’s open spaces maintain a feeling of timeless tranquility unlike anywhere else in China.

In this episode, Mei interviews Susan on what it was like growing up in rural Inner Mongolia and how the province is positioned as a modern-day travel destination.

Listen to Episode 12:

Episode Overview:
  • 01:47 – Susan’s story of growing up in Inner Mongolia
  • 04:40 – Mongolian language and culture
  • 08:45 – Inner Mongolia as a travel destination
  • 12:43 – Hohhot travel advice
  • 15:07 – Grassland recommendation near Hohhot
  • 16:30 – How to plan accommodation
  • 18:21 – Local products/crafts from Inner Mongolia

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Episode 12: Inner Mongolia
Episode 12: Inner Mongolia
Episode 12: Inner Mongolia
Episode 12: Inner Mongolia
Episode 12: Inner Mongolia
Episode 12: Inner Mongolia

Places, resources and tips mentioned in the podcast:

Mogolian tent in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia
Mongolian tent in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia

Grasslands in Inner Mongolia:

  • Hulunbuir Grassland (呼伦贝尔草原)
  • Horqin Grassland (科尔沁草原)
  • Xilin Gol Grassland (锡林郭勒草原)
  • Ulan Butong Grassland (乌兰布统草原) (in Chifeng) the south of Xilin Gol Grassland
  • Ulan Qab Grassland (乌兰察布草原)
  • Urad Grassland (乌拉特草原)
  • Ordos Grassland (鄂尔多斯草原)
  • Xilanmurn Grassland (希拉穆仁草原)

Hohhot Travel Recommendations

  • Mongolian banquet restaurant to try:
    • Mongolian cheese
    • Mongolian milk tea
  • Dazhao monastery (大昭寺)
  • Saishang Old Street (赛上老街)

Inner Mongolia Accommodation Recommendations

Local crafts and products specific to Inner Mongolia

  • Leather painting
  • Bloodstone/Heliotrope (鸡血石)
  • Mongolian traditional clothes
Episode 12: Inner Mongolia
Traditional Ger (Mongolian) is a portable, round tent covered with skins or felt and used as a dwelling by several distinct nomadic groups in the steppes of Central Asia
Inner Mongolia
Inside a traditional Mongolian Ger
Episode 12: Inner Mongolia
In the more arid grasslands, herding of goats, sheep and so on is a traditional method of subsistence.
Traditional candies and treats
Traditional candies and treats
Episode 12: Inner Mongolia
Wild horses wandering in the Inner Mongolian Grasslands