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Although large shopping districts and modern skylines cement Chengdu's status as an important economic center, this is a city that has never lost its small town charm.

A Chengdu tour is not complete without a visit to China’s ‘national treasure’, the giant panda, who happily hang out in the Chengdu Panda Reserve. But there is much more than pandas in Chengdu. Visit the world’s largest stone-carved Buddha who sits in nearby Leshan. Join the laid-back locals enjoying Sichuan Opera performances in local teahouses and be sure to sample Sichuan’s world-famous spicy cuisine.

For wilderness and wildlife adventures, Chengdu is also an ideal starting point. From here, travel to the aqua-crystal pools of Jiuzhaigou or into the pristine alpine forests of the Yading nature reserve.

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Gastronomic Tour of China with Fuchsia Dunlop

13 Days
Ready your chopsticks for a China foodie adventure with award-winning author Fuchsia Dunlop. On this National Geographic 'Tour of a Lifetime', you will taste your way through the imperial banquets of Beijing to the spice […]
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Sichuan: A Foodie Journey Through China’s Spice Capital

5 Days
Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall
We've set out to eat and drink our way through Sichuan, the way the locals do. During our 5-day journey we've curated a menu of culinary experiences through Chengdu, Leshan and Luzhou. Our mouths are […]
Teraccotta army Xi'an by christels

The Middle Kingdom

11 Days
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Explore the antique treasures of Beijing and Xi'an, make a date with China's cuddly national icon at Chengdu Panda Base in Sichuan, and experience the glitz and glamor of Shanghai, the "Paris of the East."
baby panda and parent

Chengdu: Panda Country

4 Days
Spring, Fall
Explore southwest Sichuan, home to sacred peaks, spicy peppers and China’s natural treasure: the giant panda. You’ll view these unique creatures in a natural setting, savor a spicy hotpotfeast, discover Sichuan opera, and marvel in […]
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sichuan panda

Sichuan’s Natural Wonders

9 Days
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Get close up to China's most elusive wildlife on this animal adventure. You'll discover rare moon bears at a rescue center, go in search of leopard cats on a night hike, and join a ranger […]

Family Fun

15 Days
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Family travel in China has never been so fun! From treasure hunts in the Forbidden City to volunteering with giant pandas in the Sichuan basin, this classic family tour takes in Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, and […]
Summer Departure

Garze Grasslands: Sichuan’s Tibetan Plateau 

7 Days
In the far western reaches of Sichuan province, a landscape of spectacular beauty and deep-rooted Tibetan culture awaits. Depending on the season, a sea of green or yellow grass billows out into the distance, interrupted […]
sichuan prayer flags by GraceY

On the Trail of Pilgrims

5 Days
Spring, Fall
Venture into the untouched wilderness of Yading Nature Reserve, where a trio of sacred peaks cast their shadow over aquamarine lakes and Tibetan traditions still endure. You’ll visit isolated mountain temples, lamaseries and Tibetan towns […]
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