Matilda Ho

Managing Director of Bits x Bites

Matilda Ho is a serial entrepreneur and investor driving to create more sustainable food systems. She is founder and managing director of Bits x Bites, China’s pioneer food tech venture capital investing in startups tackling global food system challenges.

With a mission to shape the future of good food, Bits x Bites is a big step forward to inspire and support the entrepreneurial community to bring new ideas to solve global issues. To date, it has invested in startups that are advancing gene editing for high-performing crops, functional chickpea-based protein ingredients, as well as cost-efficient, non-GMO cell-based meat production without an actual animal.

In addition to Bits x Bites, Matilda has founded Yimishiji, a farm-to-table grocery e-commerce platform that has engineered food education and transparency into the entire supply chain and customer experience.

By establishing a more direct connection between [farmer and consumer]… the final cost of the produce can be reduced by up to 50%.

Matilda Ho

Bits x Bites