Xinran Xue

Author, journalist and activist

Xinran Xue is a British–Chinese author, journalist and activist. Her first book, The Good Women of China, was published in 2002, sold in over thirty languages and became an international bestseller. She has written two novels, Miss Chopsticks (2008) and The Promise (2018) and four other non-fiction books: Sky BurialChina Witness, Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother, and Buy Me the Sky (2015).

In August 2004 Xinran set up ‘The Mothers’ Bridge of Love’ (MBL). MBL reaches out to Chinese children in all corners of the world; by creating a bridge of understanding between China and the West and between adoptive culture and birth culture, MBL ultimately wants to help bridge the huge poverty gap which still exists in many parts of China. The MBL book for adoptive families, Mother’s Bridge of Love, came third in TIME magazine’s list of the top ten children’s books of 2007. The website for the charity is:

Xinran is a fantastic speaker and has given lectures and speeches on writing and Chinese women and history in over twenty countries to date.

She writes in Mandarin, but is based in London.

Many of them [women in China] want to share their story, but don’t have a chance to do it. For these people, they hardly had a chance to share their story and [you can] hear their heart shout out to say that they’re not alone.


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The Mothers’ Bridge of Love

The Mothers’ Bridge of Love (MBL: Charity Registration Number is 1105543.) is a Charity founded by Xinran dedicated to reaching out and enriching the lives of Chinese children in all corners of the world – those adopted by Western families, those raised abroad and those living in China.