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Summer Palace

If you’re coming to China for the first time, there are four absolute must-see destinations which represent the best of classic China: Beijing, Xi’an, Yunnan, and Shanghai.

Hutong Pedi-Cab Ride


Imagine stepping back in time while strolling through a traditional Beijing hutong (alleyway). You can watch (or join) elders participating in a heated game of Chinese chess or mahjong, smell  locals cooking traditional snacks like jianbing (pancakes) and baozi (steamed buns), and hear a local playing a traditional Chinese tune.

Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an. Photo by Kristen Kuan, a WildChina traveler.


The historical city of Xi’an is famous for the remarkable Terracotta Warriors. Most visitors view them from a public viewing gallery. WildChina, however, arranges special access to the museum’s lower deck so that you can take a closer look at these proud sculptures.Who doesn’t like a backstage pass?



Yunnan is breathtaking: its low valleys, white-capped mountains, and rustic towns will please the eye. Yunnan is one of China’s most diverse provinces, home to a number of ethnic minorities.Imagine going to a colorful festive dinner party in a local Naxi minority courtyard home while listening to the sound of traditional Naxi music

 Only a short drive north, Shangri-La is home to beautiful rivers and mountains. Aside from beautiful scenery,Shangri-La is also filled with beautiful experiences. Take the chance to immerse yourself into Tibetan culture by sharing a cup of tea with a local family and local residents for their daily evening dance around the Old Town Square.

Night on the Bund


Step into the “Paris of the East”. You can experience an evening cruise on the Huangpu River that cuts through the diverse city. The skyline that surrounds both sides of the river provides a glimpse into two different faces of Shanghai. The beautiful European-style buildings in the Bund will make you feel like you are back in 1930’s Shanghai while the futuristic skyscrapers of Pudong will take you to the future.

The bad news is, a trip like this can take months to plan due to the language barrier and the amount of sought-after destinations. The good news is, WildChina has a small group trip scheduled to these destinations September 7-September 18. Chinese Treasures is one of our most popular small group trips which highlights the classic images of China and immerses you in Chinese culture and history. This trip is perfect for people who have a sense of adventure and want to experience the past, present and future of China. Starting with a Peking Duck feast and ending with a Shanghainese farewell dinner, you’ll get to taste the diverse cuisines of China, discover local culture, people and sites in luxury. Let WildChina and our guides help you Experience China Differently. There is still time to join in on this trip! To secure a spot on our journey, email WildChina at info@wildchina.com.