aocheng Yading Scenic Area in Western Sichuan

Where to Travel in China in Summer 

As the world starts planning for the holiday season, here's WildChina's guide on where to travel in China in summer.
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Where to Travel in China in Spring

Where to Travel in China in Spring

One of our favorite seasons to travel in China is spring, with colors abloom and the summer crowds still at bay.
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NOVEMBER 27, 2023 Mei Zhang on China’s Newest UNESCO Site: Jingmai Mountain

Mei Zhang on China’s Newest UNESCO Site: Jingmai Mountain 

Explore China's newly designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jingmai Mountain, with insights from Mei Zhang, founder of WildChina. From ancient tea forests to local minority cultures, Mei recounts her summer visit, highlighting the distinct charm...
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The Missionary Trail

Grace at the Table in Dimaluo: Travels Along the Nu River

A guest blog from WildChina traveler Michelle Mope Andersson who is following the trail of China’s early catholic missionaries.
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Yunnan ham

Exploring the Three Hams of Yunnan: Nuodeng Ham

Out of these three Yunnan hams, the most coveted is nuodeng ham, which can only be produced in one geographic location on earth: the mountains of Nuodeng village.
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China fall destinations tibet

Where to Travel Around China This Fall

From up-close experiences in Tibetan monasteries to an epic foodie journey around Sichuan, your fall adventure awaits.
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Christmas Mass in Cizhong

An Oral History of the Catholic Missionaries in the Tibetan Region

Learn the oral history of Catholic missionaries in a Tibetan region of Yunnan by Michelle Mope Andersson.
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Autumn Small Group Journeys

Nujiang: A Hiking Paradise in Yunnan

Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture in northwestern Yunnan is a hiking paradise for those looking to experience China’s most stunning nature and wildlife. WildChina’s Jenny Zhao shares her off-the-beaten-track experience and highlights from her recent trip there...
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Rice Terraces in the south of China

How to Beat the Crowds in Yunnan This Spring Festival

As always, we’ve been working on how best to get you off-the-beaten-path in a way where you’ll still get to enjoy the buzz that makes this time of year in China so special.  Now, don’t...
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