Faces of WildChina: Jenny Zhao 赵云先 

Jenny is an expert in creating WOW moments, and she does it almost every day. From unforgettable marriage proposals on the Great Wall to exquisite dining experiences, she knows how to bring the near impossible...
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0 - Faces of WIldChina - Alice Zhang

Faces of WildChina: Alice Zhang 张艾 

Meet Alice Zhang, a travel expert who weaves her attention to detail and passion for building connections into every itinerary, creating extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime experiences for her travelers.
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Where to Eat in Hong Kong

Where to Eat in Hong Kong

There are endless choices of where to eat in Hong Kong - member's only clubs, concealed dim sum dives, and street-side milk tea stands below multi-Michelin star restaurants. The question in Hong Kong is never...
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Where to Eat in Xi'an

Where to Eat in Xi’an

Take it from someone with a boundless passion for Shaaxi gastronomic wonders, Dani Su. This is her list of where to eat in Xi'an.
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0 - where to eat in guangzhou

Where to Eat in Guangzhou

WildChina travel designer Sara Liu is as true to the province as they come - a Hakka descendent and a lover of all things food - and she's sharing all her local's-only tips on where...
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Where to Eat in Shanghai

WildChina travel designer, Isabel Wang, famous in the office for her love of xiaolongbao, shares her personal list of where to eat in Shanghai.
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traveling-to-china-after -covid-19

How to Enter China in 2023

China has re-opened its doors to the world, and while the entry procedure is almost back to its pre-COVID state, there are a few considerations to bear in mind.
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Faces of WildChina: Dani Su 苏丹妮 

Meet WildChina travel designer, Dani Su, a trilingual Chengdu native with a passion for travel, adventure (skiing, hiking and general outdoorsy fun) and traditional handicrafts.
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Marketing Specialist at WildChina

WildChina is looking to hire a passionate and detail-oriented native English speaker to take a leading role as Marketing Specialist within our marketing team. This is an excellent opportunity for a driven individual with industry...
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Mariana Sun

Faces of WildChina: Mariana Sun 孙旭彤 

If a destination is an end point, then the journey is the people you encounter along the way. They are what change “good” to “great”, “standard” to “extraordinary”, and “memorable” to “life-changing”.
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