2023 Keywords

The WildChina Team’s 2023 Keywords 

We asked the WildChina team for their 2023 highlights of 2023, summarized in  keywords.
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Graphic Designer

WildChina is looking to hire a graphic designer to join our marketing team.
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Marketing Specialist (English)

WildChina is looking to hire a passionate and detail-oriented native English speaker or fluent non-native English speaker to join our marketing team.
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Blossoming Connections: Exploring China’s Marriage Markets

Exploring modern-day matchmaking in China’s marriage markets, from Beijing’s Zhongshan Park to Shanghai’s People’s Park.
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The Fairmont Peace Hotel: Blossoms Shanghai Era and Beyond

The true story of the legendary Fairmont Peace Hotel featured in Wong Kar Wai's Blossoms Shanghai series
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WildChina Education x Patagonia: Repair, Reuse and Recycle 

WildChina Education partners with Patagonia to host Beijing and Shanghai upcycling workshops for families.
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The Faces of WildChina: Rosie Wang 王婕宇

Meet Rosie Wang, a cooking enthusiast, creative video maker and our newest travel designer.
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The Best New Hotels in China (2023) 

From specialty hotels by international chains to boutiques that provide intimate unique experiences, here’s our list of the best new hotels in China for 2023.  
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NOVEMBER 27, 2023 Mei Zhang on China’s Newest UNESCO Site: Jingmai Mountain

Mei Zhang on China’s Newest UNESCO Site: Jingmai Mountain 

Explore China's newly designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jingmai Mountain, with insights from Mei Zhang, founder of WildChina. From ancient tea forests to local minority cultures, Mei recounts her summer visit, highlighting the distinct charm...
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