How to Visit the Great Wall of China in 2024 

Read on for WildChina’s recommendations on how best to visit the Great Wall of China in 2024.
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The Most Interesting Snakes in China

A list of the most interesting snakes in China, all of which we will be searching for on our upcoming herpetological expedition in China.
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How to Visit China in 2024 

Planning a trip to China? Here’s our handy guide on how to visit China in 2024.
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aocheng Yading Scenic Area in Western Sichuan

Where to Travel in China in Summer 

As the world starts planning for the holiday season, here's WildChina's guide on where to travel in China in summer.
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Farewell to The Opposite House, Beijing

WildChina bids a fond farewell to one of our long-standing partners, the Opposite House, as it closes its doors in June 2024 after 16 years.
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Off the Beaten Path: A Guide to China’s Lesser-Known Festivals

From winter wonderland to tropical fiesta, and religious ceremonies to New Year celebrations, here’s our list of China’s lesser-known festivals that also deserve a bucket-list spot.
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Bendi Stories: Artistry of Tea in Songyang  

Steep deep into the traditional tea culture in Songyang, Zhejiang through the story of local tea –master, Qing Yong in our new episode of Bendi Stories.
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Faces of WildChina: Estela Li 李思淼

Meet Estela Li, a Sichuan native with a degree in ecotourism and travel lover, based out of our Chengdu office, where she helps design WOW moments for our travelers.
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Faces of WildChina: Yuki Chen 陈雨鑫

Meet Yuki Chen, an outdoor enthusiast and avid hiker and one of the new additions to WildChina's team of passionate travel designers.
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