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NOVEMBER 27, 2023 Mei Zhang on China’s Newest UNESCO Site: Jingmai Mountain

Mei Zhang on China’s Newest UNESCO Site: Jingmai Mountain 

Explore China's newly designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jingmai Mountain, with insights from Mei Zhang, founder of WildChina. From ancient tea forests to local minority cultures, Mei recounts her summer visit, highlighting the distinct charm...
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People-Focused Business: Going Local and Giving Back

Giving back to the community around us is one of the most important things we can do as a travel company. On the simplest level, this means working with local people across all of our...
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WWF’s Sustainable Travel Alliance Summit in Beijing 

Jenny Zhao from WildChina team was invited to speak at WWF’s Sustainable Travel Alliance Summit in Beijing, where she shared how WildChina creates lifetime experiences while remaining committed to sustainability.
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The Great Outdoors: China’s Latest Travel Trend

For their August 2022 issue, Vogue China selected five experts to speak on the growing interest in outdoor recreation that’s sweeping Chinese social media, including WildChina’s own Mei Zhang. Here’s her take on the trend...
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Beijing’s Bean-to-Bar Chocolatiers

A Beijing-based husband-and-wife chocolatier team are setting out to start a chocolate revolution. They are among the few "bean-to-bar" chocolate makers in China.
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Yunnan ham

Exploring the Three Hams of Yunnan: Nuodeng Ham

Out of these three Yunnan hams, the most coveted is nuodeng ham, which can only be produced in one geographic location on earth: the mountains of Nuodeng village.
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Songyang Elder, photo by Xiangjun

Songyang’s Once Young: Portraits from a Forgotten Countryside

A new Shanghai photography exhibition by artists Xiangjun and Zhang Zhanping reveals the faces of Songyang, a rural village in Zhejiang province.
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The 5 Best Places to See Wildlife in China

As one of just 17 mega-biodiversity countries worldwide, China is home to an extraordinary range of wildlife.
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