The Best Boutique Hotels in China (2024)

From intimate hideaways to grand getaways, here’s our list of the best boutique hotels in China for 2024.  
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Ancient palaces and courtyards in the Forbidden City, Beijing.

Accessible Travel in China 

Planning a trip to China? Here are some key questions and answers about accessibility for travelers with mobility restrictions in China.
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How to Visit China in 2024 

Planning a trip to China? Here’s our handy guide on how to visit China in 2024.
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aocheng Yading Scenic Area in Western Sichuan

Where to Travel in China in Summer 

As the world starts planning for the holiday season, here's WildChina's guide on where to travel in China in summer.
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WildChina Education x Patagonia: Repair, Reuse and Recycle 

WildChina Education partners with Patagonia to host Beijing and Shanghai upcycling workshops for families.
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NOVEMBER 27, 2023 Mei Zhang on China’s Newest UNESCO Site: Jingmai Mountain

Mei Zhang on China’s Newest UNESCO Site: Jingmai Mountain 

Explore China's newly designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jingmai Mountain, with insights from Mei Zhang, founder of WildChina. From ancient tea forests to local minority cultures, Mei recounts her summer visit, highlighting the distinct charm...
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China's trains: A comprehensive guide

China’s Trains: A Comprehensive Guide

Explore the heart of China with our comprehensive guide to the country's train class system. From high-speed marvels to traditional rides, discover the perfect train for your adventure. Whether you seek luxury or budget-friendly options,...
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Chinese tourist visa

Chinese Tourist Visas are Back!

It’s official – Chinese tourist visas are back at last!
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Beijing Daxing International Airport

Visa-Free Transit in China Resumes

The visa-free transit policy in China, offering 24-, 72- and 144-hour periods of visa-free transit has officially resumed.
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