Catholic Missionaries in Yunnan

Episode 19: Catholic Missionaries in Yunnan

For our nineteenth episode we chat with existential wellness counselor, Michelle Mope Andersson. Michelle brings her expertise in ministry to the ground in Yunnan, studying the history of missionaries in China by tracing the routes...
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Climbers Beijing

Episode 17: Conservation and Rock Climbing In China

For our seventeenth episode, we cover the evolution of rock climbing in China and its crossover with growing conservation awareness in the country. Our guest for this episode is lifetime conservationist and Yunnan climbing pioneer...
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Yunnan ham

Exploring the Three Hams of Yunnan: Nuodeng Ham

Out of these three Yunnan hams, the most coveted is nuodeng ham, which can only be produced in one geographic location on earth: the mountains of Nuodeng village.
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Travels Through Dali with a leg of ham
October 26, 2021

WildChina Book Club:
Travels Through Dali with a leg of ham by Zhang Mei (Event #92)

For our November book club, we'll be reading Travels Through Dali: with a leg of ham in preparation for our chat with the author, WildChina founder, Mei Zhang.
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China fall destinations tibet

Where to Travel Around China This Fall

From up-close experiences in Tibetan monasteries to an epic foodie journey around Sichuan, your fall adventure awaits.
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Traversing the Ancient Tea Horse Road with Jeff Fuchs

How to Travel the Ancient Tea Horse Road in Yunnan Today

Journey to the far western reaches of China to discover the diverse culture and traditions along an ancient caravan route.
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Shaxi Village in Spring

Where We’re Headed This Summer 2021

Here are the best places to discover the real side of China this summer.
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Songzanlin Temple in Shangri-la

Episode 3: Shangri-La, Yunnan

For our third episode, we travel to Shangri-La and the surrounding regions, in Yunnan province. Home to Tibetan culture, lamaseries, national parks, Snub-Nosed Monkeys, and the great Salween, Yangtze, and Mekong rivers.
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The China Travel Podcast Episode 1

Episode 1: Dali, Yunnan

For our first episode, we travel to Dali, Yunnan, hometown of WildChina founder Mei Zhang. Mei shares her favorite places to stay, foods to try (including wild mushroom foraging), as well as her local tips...
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