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Where to Travel Around China This Fall

From up-close experiences in Tibetan monasteries to an epic foodie journey around Sichuan, your fall adventure awaits.
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A camel resting in the Gobi Desert

Why Anhui should be on your travel radar

What do Ang Lee’s ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ and James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ have in common? Both were critically acclaimed films that ignited the global imagination like wildfire, and both can be traced directly back to...
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Buddhist sculpture and art

Guest Blogger Introduction: Andrew Stein of Project Releaf

Beginning this March, I’m planning to take you on a journey through some of China’s most remote and ancient tea localities. With aid from a Fulbright Research Grant, I will travel across China, exploring a...
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December Miracles: Bringing Hope to Children in Anhui

Only a few days before World AIDS Day on December 1, WildChina's VP Paul Moreno had one of the most meaningful experiences of his life when he took a group of philanthropists from the Chi...
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