Yangtze River Delta

The Most Haunted Places in China

Step into the ghastly past of the world’s oldest civilization and get acquainted with places that will chill you to the bone. These are the most haunted places in China. Updated: October 18, 2021 With over...
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The mystic Yellow Mountain in Anhui

Shanghai Disney Resort Opens Its Gates – Here’s What You’ll Find Inside

The grand opening of Shanghai Disney Resort is finally here! The first Disney park to open in Mainland China, “Mickey Mouse with Chinese Characteristics” took over 5 years of construction, $5.5 Billion USD in investment...
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Man enjoying his tea

Legends of Hangzhou’s West Lake

Along the banks of Hangzhou’s UNESCO world heritage site, the West Lake, are real-life landmarks from ancient stories and legends: a heavenly phoenix’s mountain sits on the lake’s southern edge, overlooking a towering pagoda of...
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Imperial dragon patterns

5 (Alternative) ‘Must-Sees’ In Shanghai

Once a modest fishing village, today Shanghai is a metropolis. Glamor and grace reminiscent of the 1920’s still dance together through art deco neighborhoods while the glass towers of Pudong soar ever skyward. Shanghai is a symbolic balance...
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Buddhist sculpture and art

Living like a pig

China’s tranquil Anhui province has always been a haven for local tourists and backpackers looking for an unforgettable experience outside of China’s urban jungles. However, given exciting new accommodation developments the region is beginning to...
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A camel resting in the Gobi Desert

Why Anhui should be on your travel radar

What do Ang Lee’s ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ and James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ have in common? Both were critically acclaimed films that ignited the global imagination like wildfire, and both can be traced directly back to...
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Girl praying at an ancient temple

A 500 RMB Food Adventure in Shanghai

Beijing’s rival, Shanghai, is known for three things: the breathtaking Bund, mouthwatering street food, and…more food. WildChina provides some recommendations for fantastic eateries to check out while in the “Paris of the Orient” to dine...
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Tibetan Buddhism Flags

Return to the Three Gorges

Return to the Three Gorges: At WildChina we take pride in showing people unseen corners of the country, but sometimes we like to visit the places that everyone else goes, places that we typically don’t...
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Heavenly Paradise: Hangzhou

Heavenly Paradise: Hangzhou

Good times go fast, and my vacation is about to finish. During my time away from the office, I spent some lovely days in Hangzhou. There are ten famous sites surrounding the West Lake, all...
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