Blossoming Connections: Exploring China’s Marriage Markets

Exploring modern-day matchmaking in China’s marriage markets, from Beijing’s Zhongshan Park to Shanghai’s People’s Park.
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The Fairmont Peace Hotel: Blossoms Shanghai Era and Beyond

The true story of the legendary Fairmont Peace Hotel featured in Wong Kar Wai's Blossoms Shanghai series
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Where to Eat in Shanghai

WildChina travel designer, Isabel Wang, famous in the office for her love of xiaolongbao, shares her personal list of where to eat in Shanghai.
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Reflections from Two Months of Lockdown in Shanghai

In March, when an outbreak of COVID-19 caused the start of city-wide lockdown, our whole team returned to remote work. However difficult this change was, we were determined to use it as an opportunity to...
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Shanghai Pudong view by Leslin_Liu

Episode 5: Shanghai

For our fifth episode, we travel to the cosmopolitan metropolis of Shanghai to chat with WildChina guide, and Shanghai native, Florence Ma. From the ballroom dancing aunties of Fuxing park to the hottest Michelin-star restaurant...
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Where to Travel: January 2021

January 2021… the start of a year we’re all hoping will be a lot less crazy than the one before. So, how to make the most of being in China in January when even temperatures...
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Rowing-Inspired Shanghai Winter Camp For Students

Rowing-Inspired Shanghai Winter Camp For Students Here at WildChina, we specialize in creating life-changing experiences. We understand the importance of immersion when it comes to learning and in our education programs, we design opportunities for...
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Into Their Kitchens: The stories behind China’s fine-dining superstars

Here at WildChina, we’re not just a travel company. We go beyond just showing people a destination by fostering a deeper understanding and perception of a place and the people we find there. In the...
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A Brief History of Shanghai: In Conversation With… Patrick Cranley

Last week, we kicked off the launch of WildChina On-Air with a very special chat with our Shanghai history expert, Patrick Cranley. Patrick joined our founder, Mei Zhang, for the inaugural In Conversation With… to...
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Imperial dragon patterns

How to Choose Between Shanghai and Hong Kong

If you’re looking for upscale glitz, colonial glamor, and sky-piercing buildings, two Chinese cities readily spring to mind: Shanghai and Hong Kong. Both cities are likely to appeal to a large set of visitors: from those seeking...
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