Chinese food

January 26, 2022

Chinese New Year Cook-Along with Mei
(Event #98)

Chinese New Year is a time for food - lots and lots of food - with family and friends at home. For those celebrating around the world this year, come join our live virtual cook-along...
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October 5, 2021

WildChina Book Club:
The Dim Sum Field Guide by Carolyn Phillips (Event #91)

For our October book club, we'rereading The Dim Sum Field Guide in preparation for our chat with the author, Carolyn Phillips.
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Colorful lights in the Chongqing's skyline

Episode 10: Chongqing and Sichuan peppers

For our tenth episode, we head to Chongqing with native Yao Zhao. We talk about Yao’s Sichuan pepper oil company, 50Hertz, his favorite dishes and restaurants in Chongqing, and of course, local tips on unique...
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Episode 4 Planning a Trip to China

Episode 4: Planning a Trip to China

For our fourth episode, we zoom out to look at China as a whole. We address many of the questions we’ve been asked over the years on “How to plan a trip to China" and...
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How to Plan a Trip to Harbin: Ice Festival and More

If you see your friends in China stocking up on thermal underwear and down jackets at this time of year, they are likely planning a trip to Harbin, China’s top winter destination. Here’s a look...
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Buddhist sculpture and art

China’s Secret Foodie Destination  

So you’ve tried Chinese food from all over the country – Beijing’s famous street snacks, dim sum from Shanghai, hotpot from Sichuan, perhaps even Yunnanese cheese. But have you ever sampled Xinjiang cuisine? Never fear,...
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Chinese door in Hutong alley

China’s exquisite “macaroons” and other delicacies

What’s the most popular dessert on social media? Lately it’s Ladurée macaroons and or Belgium chocolates with afternoon tea. Best friends gather together, sharing and savoring over fabulous flowers, fine china, and laced table decors....
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The Legend Behind Yunnan’s Famous Crossing the Bridge Noodles

When you have a cultural and culinary history as long as China’s, you’ll find that a lot of customs and dishes have legends behind them. One of our favorites is the touching story of the...
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The mystic Yellow Mountain in Anhui

Black Sesame Kitchen: unexpected insight into Chinese history

A few days ago, my colleague introduced Jen Lin-Liu as a chef, writer, and owner of the a restaurant in Beijing, Black Sesame Kitchen.  Tonight, I had the opportunity to go to Black Sesame Kitchen...
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