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Xi’an, being the most famous city in Shaanxi province, is a culinary paradise for food lovers. The city’s bustling Muslim Quarter is a must-visit destination to experience the full range of Shaanxi cuisine’s flavors and specialties.

WildChina travel designer, Dani Su, is famous in the office for being a devoted food enthusiast. With a boundless passion for Shaaxi gastronomic wonders, Dani has prepared a list of her favorite places in Xi’an to explore different variations of her favorite cuisine. From savoring iconic biang biang noodles and Xi’an dumplings to exploring the culinary fusion of various cooking traditions, this is our list of where to eat in Xi’an.

Best Gourmet Restaurant in Xi’an

Chang’an Hui – 长安荟 

Where to Eat in Xi'an
Chang’an Hui’s interior (photo courtesy of Chang’an Hui)

Chang’an Hui pioneers the new school of Shaanxi cuisine by blending culinary techniques and ingredients from diverse traditions. Here different techniques are used to cook traditional Shaanxi ingredients, resulting in a redefined and boundary-pushing Shaanxi culinary experience. While innovation is key, the restaurant also strives to preserve the authentic flavors of old. This approach allows Chang’an Hui to offer dishes that cater to both Shaanxi locals and international visitors alike. It is advisable to make reservations in advance.

Dani’s favorite dishes: Gourd-Shaped Fried Chicken 葫芦鸡, Chang’an Nine Snacks Plate 长安九鼎盘 and Baked Apple with Glutinous Rice Wine 富平醪糟烤苹果

Price: $$$

Location: Inside of Xi’an Film Studio, No. 512 Xiying Road, Yanta District 陕西省西安市雁塔区西影路512号西影制片厂内 

Phone: +86 2987570809  

The Local’s Favorite Restaurant in Xi’an

Xi’an Fanzhuang Restaurant – 西安饭庄

Where to Eat in Xi'an
Gourd-Shaped Fried Chicken (photo courtesy of Xi’an Fanzhuang)

Established in 1929, this restaurant has consistently delivered authentic Shaanxi cuisine and local flavors, earning a well-deserved reputation over the years. It has become a favored dining destination for A-list diners: international dignitaries, local politicians and celebrities. With an extensive menu offering a wide range of traditional Xi’an snacks, Xi’an Fanzhuang truly caters to every palate. Plus, to further enhance the dining experience, the restaurant has curated special tasting banquets featuring a variety of Shaanxi snacks.

Dani’s favorite dishes: Gourd-Shaped Fried Chicken 葫芦鸡, Biangbiang Noodles, Spicy Pig Kidney 牡丹腰丝, Fried Dumpling 金奖锅贴, Flatbread in Mutton or Beef Broth (Yangrou/Niurou Paomo) 羊肉泡馍/牛肉泡馍 and Glutinous Rice Wine 稠酒

Price: $$

Location: 1st Floor of Xi’an Bell Tower Hotel, No. 110 South Street, Beilin District 碑林区南大街110号西安钟楼饭店1楼 

Phone: +86 2987680880   

Best Hole in the Wall in Xi’an

Wei Jia Liang Pi – 魏家凉皮 

Cold steamed rice noodles (photo courtesy of Wei Jia Liang Pi)

With a history spanning over 20 years, Wei Jia Liang Pi is a local fast-food restaurant known for serving a beloved regional delicacy. Highly popular among both locals and visitor, it stands out not only for its tantalizing array of options but also for its clean and stylish interior. The cold steamed rice noodles, boasting a tempting touch of spiciness, are the beloved favorite. However, for those preferring milder flavors, the restaurant’s cold rice noodles with sesame paste are equally delectable.

Dani’s favorite dishes: Secretly-made Cold Rice Noodles 秘制凉皮 and Roujiamo (marinated meat in baked bun, A.K.A the Chinese burger) 肉夹馍

Price: $

Location: Inside of Xi’an Film Studio, No. 512 Xiying Road, Yanta District 陕西省西安市雁塔区西影路512号西影制片厂内 

Phone: +86 2987570809  

The Trendy Restaurant in Xi’an

Lotus Restaurant – 莲西餐 

Where to Eat in Xi'an
Wagyu M5 Tenderloin (photo courtesy of Lotus)

Nestled within the south gate of the Grand Tang Hibiscus Garden, Lotus is a hidden gem offering exquisite French cuisine. Upon entering, guests traverse a small curved bridge and pass by a picturesque lotus pond, arriving at the main entrance of the restaurant. The restaurant boasts two floors, featuring a first-floor banquet hall complete with a temperature-controlled wine cellar, housing an impressive collection of fine wines from around the world. On the second floor, wooden screens adorned with traditional Chinese lattice patterns separate the tables, casting enchanting reflections of sunlight onto the dining area each noon, creating an ambiance that transports guests away from the bustling world outside.

Dani’s favorite dishes: Cherry Foie Gras 樱桃鹅肝 and Wagyu M3 Tomahawk 牛排

Price: $$$

Location: No.99, Furong S Road A3, Tang Paradise 陕西省 西安市 芙蓉南路99号 大唐芙蓉园南门唐市A3

Phone: +86 29 89660066   

WOW-Factor Dining Experience in Xi’an

De Fa Chang Dumpling (Zhonggulou) – 德发长饺子馆(钟鼓楼店)

Where to Eat in Xi'an
De Fa Chang Dumplings (photo courtesy of De Fa Chang)

Defa Chang is a long-established restaurant offering an extensive selection of dumplings and Shaanxi dishes. The highlight of the dining experience at Defa Chang is undoubtedly the dumpling banquet, featuring a diverse selection of mouthwatering dumpling creations. In addition to enjoying the culinary delights, guests can also take part in a dumpling-cooking class to learn the art of crafting these yummy treats, all while enjoying a view of the iconic Bell Tower.

Dani’s favorite dish: Dumpling Banquet 饺子宴

Price: $

Location: No.3 Zhonggulou Plaza West Street, Lianhu District 陕西省 西安市 莲湖区钟鼓楼广场西大街3号

Phone: +86 29 8721 4060