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WildChina’s Chengdu office manager and long time city resident, Alice Zhang, has curated a selection of her favorite places to eat in Chengdu.

As with all self-respecting Chengdu residents, Alice has a penchant for gastronomy, indulging in all ranges of food and drink, and rarely saying no to anything, from the peculiar to the extra spicy. Here’s her round up of where to eat in Chengdu, ranging from Michelin-star Sichuan tasting menus to hole-in-the-wall “fly restaurants“.

Best Gourmet Restaurant in Chengdu

Mi Xun Teahouse – 谧寻茶室

1 - mi xun teahouse
Mi Xun Teahouse garden (photo courtesy of Mi Xun Teahouse)

Mi Xun Teahouse, proudly holding one Michelin star, specializes in serving the best vegetarian fare across Sichuan’s regional cuisine. The menu takes inspiration from the nourishing dishes that were once served at the nearby thousand-year-old Daci Monastery. With a farm-to-table philosophy, their Michelin tasting menu showcases the freshest seasonal ingredients sourced directly from a trusted local partner farm. Complementing the culinary journey, the teahouse offers a diverse selection of fine Chinese teas, paying homage to the cherished tea culture of Chengdu. Advanced reservations are highly recommended.

Alice’s favorite dishes: Hand-made Spinach Dandan Noddle 手工菠菜担担面 and Collybia albuminosa Mapo Toufu 鸡枞菌油焖麻婆豆腐

Price: $$$

Location: The Temple House, 81 Bitieshi Street 成都市锦江区笔帖式街81号博舍酒店旁 

Phone: +86 2862974193 

The Local’s Favorite Restaurant in Chengdu

Wuliguan Hotpot (Kuixinglou) – 五里关火锅(魁星楼店)

2 - Wuliguan Hotpot
Wuliguan Hotpot from the outside (photo courtesy of Wuliguan Hotpot)

No trip to Chengdu is complete without a hot pot experience, but, as the city’s favorite meal, selecting a single hot pot restaurant from the multitude of options can be a challenge. If you’re wondering where the locals go for their hot pot, however, Wuling is the answer. With several branches scattered throughout Chengdu and across greater China, the restaurant has garnered immense popularity, attracting long queues of eager diners even during late hours. Operating on a walk-in-only basis, visitors should be prepared to wait patiently in line for a table, as the demand remains consistently high. 

Alice’s favorite dishes: Stewed beef 耙耙牛肉, Fresh Duck Blood Curds 鲜鸭血 and Fresh Beef Omasum 鲜毛肚

Price: $$

Location: No.99 Changshun Zhong Jie, Qingyang 成都市青羊区长顺中街99号 

Phone: +86 19113431373    

Best Hole in the Wall in Chengdu

Yongle Restaurant – 永乐饭店  

Kung Pao Chicken (photo courtesy of Yongle)

With a history spanning over 35 years, Yongle Restaurant has earned a well-deserved reputation as a local favorite. Renowned for its typical Sichuan dishes, underlined by their strong and oily flavors, the establishment captivates diners with an authentic culinary experience that pays homage to the rich traditions of Sichuan cuisine.

Alice’s favorite dishes: Stir Fried Pig’s Liver and Kidney 肝腰合炒, Sticky Rice with Steamed Pork Ribs 糯米排骨 and Kung Pao Chicken 宫保鸡丁

Price: $

Location: No. 36 Xiaojiahe Zhong Jie, Wuhou 成都市武侯区肖家河中街36号   

Phone: +86 2885123321  

The Trendy Restaurant in Chengdu

Datenbank – 食物数据库

Datenbank Chengdu (credit to Michelin guide)
Datenbank (photo credit to Michelin guide)

Datenbank restaurant’s interior resembles a captivating cavern adorned with raw, handmade stoneware. Open solely for dinner, it offers a singular set menu that showcases an unusual, though admittedly extraordinary, blend of Sichuanese and Mexican flavors. However, the one-of-a-kind experience doesn’t end there. At Datenbank, guests are invited to witness the culinary artistry firsthand through its open kitchen concept. From the comfort of their seats, diners have the opportunity to witness the chef crafting each dish, adding an interactive element to the overall dining experience.

Alice’s favorite dishes: Spicy Rabit Head 麻辣兔头 and Guaiwei Rib 怪味排骨 

Price: $$$

Location: No. 28 East Zijing Road, Wuhou 成都市武侯区紫荆东路28号

Phone: +86 19382167004 

Our WOW-Factor Dining Experience in Chengdu

Yu Zhi Lan – 玉芝兰

Where to Eat in Chengdu
Yu Zhi Lan (credit to Michelin guide)

As the only Michelin 2-star restaurant in Chengdu, this establishment embraces a low-key dining concept that doesn’t rely on flashy signage. Owner-chef Lan Guijun, a local legend in the culinary world, has elevated Sichuanese cuisine to the realm of haute cuisine, making it a must-visit for discerning gourmands. The charming rooms exude a rustic allure, adorned with ceramic art and pottery crafted by the chef himself. To secure a table and savor this exceptional dining experience, advance reservation with a deposit is required.

Alice’s favorite dishes: Hand-made Jinsi Noodle 川北一绝坐杠大刀金丝面 and Braised Eel with Bean Paste 豆瓣鳗鱼

Price: $$$$

Location: No. 24-1 Changfa Street 成都长发街24号附1号 

Phone: +86 2862491966