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Beijing’s Bean-to-Bar Chocolatiers

A Beijing-based husband-and-wife chocolatier team are setting out to start a chocolate revolution. They are among the few "bean-to-bar" chocolate makers in China.
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Yunnan ham

Exploring the Three Hams of Yunnan: Nuodeng Ham

Out of these three Yunnan hams, the most coveted is nuodeng ham, which can only be produced in one geographic location on earth: the mountains of Nuodeng village.
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Old Chengdu

A Taste of Old Chengdu

On Chengdu's central Wenmiao Street a truly local snack awaits those who know where to find it. One stall, an elderly couple and a window to a forgotten city.
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6 Traditional Chinese New Year Dishes to Eat in 2021

Discover the 6 traditional Chinese New Year dishes to enjoy this Year of the Ox and learn about their auspicious meanings.
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Thanksgiving in China: Forget Turkey, Make This Year About Ham

Celebrating Thanksgiving in China can feel a bit strange. But there's no reason why 'a bit different' needs to equate to 'not as good.'
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In Conversation With… Fuchsia Dunlop

We've been fans of Fuchsia Dunlop since she wrote her first book, Sichuan Cookery, back in 2001. Ten years later, she began regularly hosting two of our expert-led journeys throughout Sichuan and China. Her legendary journeys Gastronomic Tour...
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Rice Terraces in the south of China

Dishes of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan: Layers of Flavor and Generations of Tradition

Written and photographed by Richard Barnes Despite their close proximity to one another, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan seem to have more differences than similarities. One is perched high in the mountains with a culture steeped in...
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Imperial dragon patterns

Have You Eaten: Black Sesame Kitchen

As part of our ‘Have You Eaten?’ series, we share our latest foodie-finds that showcase another unique culinary experience on offer in China. This week, we didn’t have to venture far, seizing the opportunity to...
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Girl praying at an ancient temple

Have You Eaten: RED BOWL Beijing

“吃了吗” (chī le ma), so goes the ancient Chinese greeting. Literally meaning “Have you eaten?”, “吃了吗?” is actually used to ask how someone is, the implication being that someone who has eaten must be doing...
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Traditional Chinese Architecture

The Complete Guide to Dining in China

Dining in a foreign country can be one of the more interesting, and sometimes challenging, experiences while abroad. This can be particularly true in China, where the primary form of social engagement is not grabbing...
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