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Where to Eat in Guangzhou

WildChina travel designer Sara Liu is as true to the province as they come - a Hakka descendent and a lover of all things food - and she's sharing all her local's-only tips on where...
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Guangzhou international financial center night

Episode 22: Buses and Bicycles in Guangzhou

For this episode we explore the transportation systems and local luster of Guangzhou, with Cycle Canton founder, Bram van Ooijen.
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Historic Guangzhou Neighborhoods

9 Historic Guangzhou Neighborhoods

From culinary to cultural, this city has it all, so to help visitors get started we’ve prepared a guide to our favorite historic Guangzhou neighborhoods.
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Guangdong: China’s Southern Coastal Getaway

Discover the architectural beauty, unique history, and bustling urban centers of Guangdong, China's southern coastal province.
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Man enjoying his tea

Announcing Photo Expedition Spring/Summer 2012 for Photography Students

This journey, titled High Speed China: Urban Development and Youth Culture in the Middle Kingdom is being led by WildChina Expert Matthew Niederhauser, one of China’s leading photojournalists. This journey will immerse photography students in...
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Man looking after cattle on the Tibetan plateau

New Shanghai – Hangzhou high-speed rail line unveiled

High-speed rail in China In the next few years, much of China’s rail network will be converted to high-speed rail, allowing travelers and goods to move around the country at unprecedented speeds. Today China took...
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