A camel resting in the Gobi Desert

24 Hours in Xi’an

If you only have 24 hours in Xi’an to take in the city’s historic sites, you’re in luck. Though you could easily linger for two more days and absorb all the magnificent details of this...
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Imperial dragon patterns

Self-Guided Biking Tour of Dali [Downloadable Map]

Grab your camera and get ready to see our favorite parts of Dali on this self-guided biking tour. Download the map to begin your own Dali adventure. Image by Jeremy Foster via Flickr
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The mystic Yellow Mountain in Anhui

Sip on Ancient Tea and Dance Around a Bonfire: Get a Taste of Local Life in Yunnan’s Minority Villages

No other place in China gets as diverse as Yunnan, both in its splendid palette of landscapes and its exceptional mix of minority communities. Here, 25 of China’s 55 minority groups find sanctuary, their traditions...
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Beautiful night in an old town in Yunnan

A Walking Holiday Along China’s Most-Beloved Trails

It’s time to slow down and experience China’s natural wonders on foot. An active walking holiday through fog-shrouded mountains or bamboo-forested karst terrain will reveal the natural settings of one of the world’s most ancient cultures. Here are some...
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Candles in a Buddhist temple

Norlha: An Innovative Workshop On The Tibetan Plateau

On the high-altitude plains of the Tibetan Plateau, just outside the monastic city of Xiahe, is a small workshop that produces a product made nowhere else on earth. Here, luxury and sustainability meet in the...
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Girl praying at an ancient temple

Discovering Xi’an’s Muslim Quarter on Foot

 Xi’an’s Muslim Quarter is as old as the ancient Silk Road, the path that brought trade goods and new religions from the west into China. Today the Muslim Quarter is a bustling district of this...
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Traditional Chinese Architecture

Looking For Wildflowers Around the World

In 1910, in the valley of Sichuan’s Min River, a group was on an arduous trek. The leader of this trek, a man named Wilson, was being carried by two others in a bamboo sedan...
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Buddhist sculpture and art

8 Tips for Your Tibet Trek

WilChina prides itself on journeys that go above and beyond the typical itinerary. Some of our trips include more active adventures including hiking and trekking, so here are some tips to help you prepare for...
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Tibetan Buddhism Flags

Along China’s Silk Road

  When you first heard of the Silk Road, you might have had romantic ideas of a smooth road made out of silk. In reality, the Silk Road is not even a road at all...
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Beautiful night in an old town in Yunnan

Yunnan’s Ancient Tea & Horse Caravan Road

Where in China can you experience a mix of history, culture, and nature?       You can explore some of China’s most diverse cultures, ecology, and landscapes in Yunnan Province, just south of the Tibetan Plateau....
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