Self-Guided Biking Tour of Dali [Downloadable Map]

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Grab your camera and get ready to see our favorite parts of Dali on this self-guided biking tour. Download the map to begin your own Dali adventure.


Image by Jeremy Foster via Flickr

Tucked between Cang Mountain and Erhai Lake, Yunnan’s Dali is a Ming-era town that has retained much through the ages. It was once capital of the Nanzhao Kingdom and though the kingdom fell long ago, the indigenous Bai ethnic minority who comprised its population still accounts for the majority of the residents in both the town and its surrounding villages today. As a result, Dali offers a kaleidoscope of rich, colorful traditions and diverse architectural design set against a backdrop of some of China’s most stunning scenery.

From the cobbled streets of the old town to the fishing villages on the shores of Erhai Lake, grab your camera and embark on our WildChina self-guided bike tour of Dali. The best part? It can be taken completely at your own pace.


Download the Dali Bicycle Tour map


1.  Begin your ride at The WildChina Dali House
2.  Renmin Road, Dali Old Town

Head East and ride through charming Dali Old Town. Explore the town’s traditional Bai architecture before crossing Highway 221 and following the small roads heading east until you reach the shore of Erhai Lake.


Image by Jeremy Foster via Flickr

3. Caicun Village

Caicun Village is just one of the communities you will visit along the lake. Continue north and although you will be traveling through farmland, the scenery is well worth the bumpier ride.

4. Fengbei South Line

Head west back towards town when you reach Fengbei South Line. Be careful when crossing the highways as there are no bike lanes.


Image by Alex Keshavjee via Flickr

5. The Three Pagodas

The last stop before heading home, Dali’s emblematic Three Pagodas are located at the foot of Cang Mountain. Dating from 836AD, the central tower is both the tallest and oldest of the three Buddhist structures.

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