Dali and Lijiang

Thanksgiving in China: Forget Turkey, Make This Year About Ham

Celebrating Thanksgiving in China can feel a bit strange. But there's no reason why 'a bit different' needs to equate to 'not as good.'
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Candles in a Buddhist temple

The Hidden Gems of China’s ‘Dalifornia’

The Chongsheng Three Pagodas in Dali are seen from the air on March 27, 2019. Photo: VCG I once hated Dali. Growing up in the foothills of the eastern Himalayas in Yunnan, southwest China, I...
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A camel resting in the Gobi Desert

Our Favorite Songtsam Lodges Across Yunnan

Featured Image by Songtsam Founded by award-winning director Baima Duoji, the Songtsam Lodges form the only collection of Luxury, Tibetan-style retreats in the fabled Shangri-La region. Each hotel showcases the scenery, culture, and spirituality of its...
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The Three Most Overrated China Travel Experiences

By Zhang Mei (Jan 31, 2019) A luxury cruise ship sails in the waters of Qutang Gorge on the Yangtze River, on Dec. 24, 2017. Photo: VCG On Jan. 3, the U.S. State Department issued...
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Man enjoying his tea

Top 5 Things to Do around Dali and Lijiang

Yunnan Province—which literally means “South of the Clouds” due to its location just south of the Tibetan Plateau—is home to verdant low-lying valleys, spectacular white-capped mountains, rustic towns and villages, and a lively mix of...
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Buddhist sculpture and art

A Foodie’s Yunnan Voyage

Yunnan’s status as a gastronomic paradise is unwavering: between far-flung lands of idyllic villages and snow-capped mountains, the southwestern province offers unparalleled diversity when it comes to Chinese cuisine. Also known as Dian cuisine, Yunnan...
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Imperial dragon patterns

Self-Guided Biking Tour of Dali [Downloadable Map]

Grab your camera and get ready to see our favorite parts of Dali on this self-guided biking tour. Download the map to begin your own Dali adventure. Image by Jeremy Foster via Flickr
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