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Beijing’s rival, Shanghai, is known for three things: the breathtaking Bund, mouthwatering street food, and…more food. WildChina provides some recommendations for fantastic eateries to check out while in the “Paris of the Orient” to dine on some of Shanghai’s finest cuisine without putting a hole in your wallet:

Breakfast – Yang’s Fried Dumpling (小扬生煎) (10~20 元/person)

What better way to energize for a long day exploring the streets of Shanghai than with a hearty plate of baozi (生煎包)? There is no better place to dine on this Southern Chinese specialty than at Yang’s Fried Dumpling. Wherever you may be, chances are you will find a joint of this chain somewhere in your vicinity. Similar to an American diner, this restaurant has been around for the past 18 years, serving up some of Shanghai’s best fried dumplings. Although they offer a range of soups and other small bites, the lines of hungry eaters diligently waiting outside are all because of its baozi, which hands down, is some of the best fried dumplings you will ever try. The slightly sweet meat filling is a fantastic complement to the partially crunchy, partially chewy doughy outer cover. Dipped in some vinegar, these small doughy treats are little pieces of heaven inside your mouth. Don’t be surprised if these miniature dough balls of meaty goodness start to disappear right before your eyes. We secretly hope that Yang’s Fried Dumpling will soon open up a branch in Beijing. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

A 500 RMB Food Adventure in Shanghai

Lunch – Kakatei (100~250 元/person)

For lunch, mix things up by indulging in some of the best teppanyaki in town. Kakatei serves some of the finest Japanese specialties and although these scrumptious dishes along with the restaurant’s simple, yet elegant ambiance does come with a hefty price tag, Kakatei offers lunch set specials at reasonable pricess, ranging from 80 to 200 kuai per person. We recommend you try the teppanyaki sets, which include a variety of cuisine, including sashimi, steak, fish, and vegetables. The premium seafood tastes fresh and the red meat is soft and velvety, as each piece melts inside your mouth. Trust us when we say that this will be some of the best teppanyaki you will ever try!

A 500 RMB Food Adventure in Shanghai

Dinner  – Blue Heart Restaurant (兰心餐厅)(50~80 元/person)

Shanghai cuisine is famous for its particularly sweet and savory dishes. Lan Xin Restaurant (兰心餐厅), a favorite amongst locals, is a gem hidden within Shanghai’s alleyways. Started by an elderly couple, walking into this restaurant, which consists solely of five tables, will make you feel as though you have been transported to your grandmother’s home. The owner herself comes out to take your order and the close-knit, unadorned interior only enhances its overall charm. The 红烧肉(braised pork in soy sauce) slowly melts inside your mouth as all of its intense flavors envelop your taste buds, while the 油爆虾 (stir-fried shrimp) adds a nice crunchy contrast to the buttery pork. For the adventurous food lover, we recommend the 炒猪肝 (fried pork liver with soy sauce), which with its perfect blend of savory and sweet will not make you regret taking a ride on the wild side. Just a heads up – make sure you arrive right at five, because chances are, the line will be out the door!

A 500 RMB Food Adventure in Shanghai
红烧肉(Braised Pork in Soy Sauce)

Drinks – Aura at the Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai Pudong (100 元/person)

When in Shanghai, you have to see the Bund at night, especially with its breathtaking lights. If you are in the
 mood for a drink following a long day filled with adventure, head to Aura, located on the 52nd floor of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Pudong. Not only do you get a front-seat view of the mesmerizing cityscape across the Huangpu River, but you also get to enjoy a fantastic drink as well. This bar is elegant sophistication at its finest and amongst its extensive list of delicious cocktails, we recommend the fruity Mango Mojito, which actually tastes like a mango smoothie turned into a fancy drink. What better way to end your night?

A 500 RMB Food Adventure in Shanghai


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Photo Credit of Kakatei: City Weekend

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