Visa to China? Here’s how

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International relations are different between every country in the world. Consequently, the process for obtaining the appropriate visa to a country varies considerably depending on where you are from and where you are going. While getting some visas can be as easy as buying a postage stamp, for others it is as difficult as writing a college thesis.

Visa to China? Here's how

For an American or a European seeking a tourist visa in China the process is somewhere in between. Recently, China has been cracking down on issuing foreign visas because of the number of illegal workers in the country. This recent attention has forced all visa applications to undergo greater scrutiny. While Americans are expected to list the full names and job titles of their immediate family members, some Europeans may be asked to supply an original insurance policy with a seal, a work certificate from their country, and sometimes even their bank statements.

Visa to China? Here's how

With few exceptions all visitors to China will need to obtain a tourist visa. In order to do this travelers must go to their local Chinese embassy or consulate. Depending on where you live these locations can be quite far away. Thankfully one also has the option of having a third party apply for a visa on their behalf. WildChina has found Visa Central (formerly known as Zierer Visa Service) to be a very good resource in this regard. Applications and instructions can be downloaded online, or you can call them directly at 1-866-788-1100 . If you will be joining us on a WildChina Trip email to get a code for preferred pricing. Though the process of getting a visa to come to China may be cumbersome, we assure you it is worth the effort, and when you have your first look at the dazzling lights of Shanghai’s Bund, we’re sure you’ll agree.


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