Saltwater Supermolluscs: The Origins of Oyster-tecture in China

Tracing the Origins of Oyster-tecture back to the Luoyang Bridge in Quanzhou, Fujian, 1059 AD.
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Best Places to Travel Around China in Spring 2021

The Year of the Ox has begun and spring is finally on the horizon. It may just be time to resume planning your long-awaited China adventures. Here are the best places to travel around China...
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November 25, 2020

A Taste of China Ep. 3: Fujian’s Mountain Teas and Cuisine (Event #50)

Join us as we travel live to the coastal province of Fujian that serves as one of China's most important tea-producing hubs and is known for its seafood cuisine.
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Man enjoying his tea

These World Heritage Day Sites Just Bumped China to The Top of Your Bucket List

Happy World Heritage Day! Other than the famed Forbidden City and Great Wall, how many of China’s 48 World Heritage sites come to mind? Here are some of the hidden gems on the list that...
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Man looking after cattle on the Tibetan plateau

Dumplings To Eat And Mountains To Climb! – How We Spent Our Chinese New Year

This Chinese New Year, the staff at WildChina dispersed to every corner of the country to go see relatives and explore new places! We’re hard at work again now and Beijing is back to its...
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Chinese door in Hutong alley

Fujian Feast

Our very own WildChina blogger Chelin Miller has set out to investigate the hundreds of Chinese cuisines that are represented in Beijing. Her most recent foray? Into the kitchens that specialize in the delicacies from...
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Imperial dragon patterns

China Travel Alert: Typhoon Megi headed toward China

  After having wreaked havoc in the Philippines, where it killed 11 people, Typhoon Megi is headed for Hong Kong and mainland China. Megi is expected to touch down on Hong Kong this Friday, October...
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Fisherman in YangShuo

Cliff Tea of the Wuyi Mountains, Fujian

The Wuyi Mountains, located in northwest Fujian Province, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. According to UNESCO, “Mount Wuyi is the most outstanding area for biodiversity conservation in southeast China and a refuge...
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“Little Sun-Covered Mountains”: Fuding’s White Tea

Fuding, Fujian Province is known for some of the finest white tea in the world. Intrigued to see how the modern climate of a market economy was affecting this region, I hopped on a bullet...
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Buddhist sculpture and art

Zhejiang’s White Tea

The question, “What is white tea?” is one that I’ve been struggling to answer for months. While many tea producers in northern Zhejiang Province claim that the only difference between white and green tea lies...
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