Faces of WildChina: Rosie Wang 王婕宇

Meet Rosie Wang, a cooking enthusiast, creative video maker and our newest travel designer.
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The Best New Hotels in China (2023) 

From specialty hotels by international chains to boutiques that provide intimate unique experiences, here’s our list of the best new hotels in China for 2023.  
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Navigating China’s Digital Frontier: A Guide to Using Alipay and Weixin Pay in 2024  

Our comprehensive how-to guide to using Alipay, from installation, registration, to bank card linking in 2023.
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Faces of WildChina: Phoebe Yang 杨雨桐 

Phoebe is a passionate Sichuan cuisine enthusiast who loves peppering her travelers' trips with unexpected yet amazing experiences. She knows how to respond to unpredictable circumstances and ensure a worry-free journey.
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Faces of WildChina: Isabel Wang 王璇  

For Isabel designing a trip is like dancing, where she is the one who leads the dance, providing guidance and expertise to her clients.
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Mid-Autumn Festival Songyang

Bendi Stories: Mid-Autumn Festival in Songyang, Zhejiang

To mark this year's Mid-Autumn Festival, our team headed to Songyang, Zhejiang to explore how the festival is traditionally celebrated there.
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Faces of WildChina: Jenny Zhao 赵云先 

Jenny is an expert in creating WOW moments, and she does it almost every day. From unforgettable marriage proposals on the Great Wall to exquisite dining experiences, she knows how to bring the near impossible...
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People-Focused Business: Going Local and Giving Back

Giving back to the community around us is one of the most important things we can do as a travel company. On the simplest level, this means working with local people across all of our...
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