Happy Holidays 2021

Happy Holidays from WildChina

While the pandemic still has many at a travel standstill, we've put together a short video to bring our holiday greetings from the hutongs of Beijing to you, wherever in the world you may be at this...
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Beijing’s Bean-to-Bar Chocolatiers

A Beijing-based husband-and-wife chocolatier team are setting out to start a chocolate revolution. They are among the few "bean-to-bar" chocolate makers in China.
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The 4 Tea Regions of China

An overview to the history, location and differentiation of the four tea regions of China.
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Yunnan ham

Exploring the Three Hams of Yunnan: Nuodeng Ham

Out of these three Yunnan hams, the most coveted is nuodeng ham, which can only be produced in one geographic location on earth: the mountains of Nuodeng village.
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Songyang Elder, photo by Xiangjun

Songyang’s Once Young: Portraits from a Forgotten Countryside

A new Shanghai photography exhibition by artists Xiangjun and Zhang Zhanping reveals the faces of Songyang, a rural village in Zhejiang province.
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Old Chengdu

A Taste of Old Chengdu

On Chengdu's central Wenmiao Street a truly local snack awaits those who know where to find it. One stall, an elderly couple and a window to a forgotten city.
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photography tips

4 Photography Tips for Better China Photos

A list of photography tips for all types and levels of photographers looking to get the best photos of China.
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The 5 Best Places to See Wildlife in China

As one of just 17 mega-biodiversity countries worldwide, China is home to an extraordinary range of wildlife.
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Inside a Traditional Family-Run Mooncake Shop

Huizhou's lianxiang mooncake shop is keeping to tradition with hand-made mooncakes and family-run business
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Everything You Need to know About Mid-Autumn Festival

The origins, folklore and modern-day celebrations of China's Mid-Autumn festival.
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