Happy Thanksgiving from WildChina!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends — and friends the world over! Today we celebrated the holiday with a lunch-time feast:




Thanksgiving, China-style! Spicy cucumbers, stir-fried broccoli, cured ham and heaps and heaps of meat-and-veggie-stuffed dumplings.



Tasty cold dishes and pop’em-in-your-mouth-delicious dumplings. They went so fast we couldn’t even get a picture before they were half gone!


not turkey


Not your regular turkey — this is a braised chicken dish, from China’s Shangdong province!



Today at WildChina, we’re thankful for our Ayis (that’s Chinese for Auntie!) who cooked us this amazing meal, who are always working behind the scenes on your WildChina journeys, and who always arrive before any of us to tidy the office and prep the coffee pot to start our day!