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Traveling with elderly relatives can be challenging, especially in China, where cities are busy and fast-paced. One of our clients recently came to China for the first time with her grandmother, visiting the classic stops of Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Guilin over the course of two weeks.

Our client was concerned that traveling in China might be too tiring for her grandmother and considered canceling her trip at one point but through careful consultation and planning, the trip went ahead…

ye fang private gardensuzhou- zhao bei

We made sure to include activities that would allow both of them to experience China at a measured pace. As we pride ourselves on crafting trips specific to each of our client’s needs and requests, the feedback we receive afterward is invaluable to us.

After our client returned home, we received word that her grandmother was already missing China! Here are some of their feedback highlights:

“WildChina is a superb travel company! I would highly recommend them to anyone traveling through China, a country where there is a massive language barrier for English speakers. They are incredibly well-organized and accommodating and the guides are all warm and knowledgeable.”

“I was traveling with my grandmother and all of the guides went out of their way to move at a comfortable pace for her, even helping her up and downstairs and to move through crowds.”

“We were truly impressed by the level of service provided by all who worked with us.”

“There were so many unforgettable experiences and all were seamlessly planned and executed.”

“Everyone had an extremely positive attitude!”

“We had an amazing time on our WildChina journey.”