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China is an increasingly popular travel destination, but many people go about their China vacation all wrong. Mei Zhang was recently featured by travel expert Wendy Perrin, and gave some great insider information on how not to trade in the trip of a lifetime for a circuit tour of the main sites. Check out a few of Mei’s tips below, and head over to for the full article.

Aman at the Summer Palace – a beautiful secret get away right next to one of China’s top attractions.

Tip 1. Don’t Forget to Pack:

Casual outfits. China in general is very casual—even for dinners in nice restaurants. So bring more casual clothes than you think you’ll need and leave the formalwear at home.

Tip 2. Cheap thrill:

An afternoon at the Aman Summer Palace Resort. It’s connected to the Summer Palace and beautifully designed in traditional Chinese courtyard style. Rooms run from $500 to $800 a night, but for the price of an afternoon tea you can stroll the exquisite and tranquil traditional grounds and enjoy the height of Beijing elegance.

Tip 3. Super Insider tip:

The Tibetan-influenced region that includes Yunnan, Sichuan, and Gansu provinces. Most people don’t know that there is a huge strip of Tibetan culture in these western provinces, along with stunning scenery and rich Tibetan Buddhist history, without the hassle of dealing with occasional Chinese government bans on travel permits to Tibet. You also won’t encounter the kind of crowds here that you’ll see in Lhasa. In these western provinces, you can really get close to the culture, meeting Tibetan families and monks or even finding a place for your own spiritual retreat.

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