Sledding Outing with the Kids from Bethel

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Last Friday, was a delightful office outing. A few of us from WildChina met up with kids from Bethel, an outreach centre for blind orphans, and had a grand time sledding together!

Each of us adults was paired with a kid for the day and altogether there were nearly fifty of us. During the day it was so fun to get to know the kids. They were all so different, some were more cautious and others that dashed halfway up the hill before any of us could catch up. But they all had three things in common: all the Bethel kids have some level of vision impairment – from completely unable to see to being able to make out vague outlines and colors; second, these kids don’t have parents, so all of them live and learn at Bethel; and third, every kid LOVED sledding!

If you’d like to find out more about Bethel – the kids and the amazing team that supports them – you can visit their website: bethel

Below are some photos from our outing!

upthehillThe first time round, we pulled all the kids up the hill. That only lasted one round for most of us, then we realized half the fun was slipping and scrambling up the hill together.


This is probably me and Tomorrow’s fourth time down the hill. Each time I’d ask him ‘Do you want to climb all the way up the hill and go again?’ And each time without a pause for thought the answer was ‘Yes!’

takingarestAfter many hikes up the hill, it was time for a rest and some playing in the snow!


This sledding park had something most don’t have – a train! The conductor even gave us a couple of free rides.

everybody And here’s the whole group of us at the end of our sledding adventure. Tired, but all smiles!