First Time to China – Part 3: Guilin

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After visits to Beijing and Xi’an, our friends from Brazil reached the third stop on their tour, Guilin. The mists, clouds and distinct karst mountains that you may have seen in Chinese watercolors, make this an essential stop on a first trip to China.

arrived in guilin

The beautiful, iconic landscapes of Guilin’s karst mountains. So quintessentially China, and yet it’s a whole other thing to experience them in person.

exploring the neighborhood

Exploring the neighborhood.


Enjoying a boat ride along the Li River.


A boat ride down the river is a peaceful way to take in Guilin’s karst mountain scenery.

boat on li riverIt was a rainy couple of days in Guilin. But the rain and the mist only add to the poetic charm of this region.


This is the new service from Banyan Tree Resort – a private rafting experience along the river.


Relaxing along the river that has inspired generations of Chinese poets and painters.


Toasting to another great day of exploration in China

chinese medicine doctor

The group made a special stop before leaving Guilin, to learn a bit about the practice of traditional Chinese medicine and see some of the many natural items that have been used for centuries in China to relieve ailments.

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